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A cure for BHS

Posted by helen on August 29, 2011

BHS–Big Head Syndrome. 

“my scene” dolls’ big heads  dont bother me, but  Silkstone dolls’ big  heads do.  as their squashed faces look “wide & flat”, not sure if something  went wrong when these plastics were blown up.. or they were smashed during facial screening  or hair restyling  processes.. you see,  they are plastics, whenever they are heated up,  they face the  possiblities to be distorted.

I decided to give their BHS some treatments:

1. Soak the head into the hot water to soften the hard plastic,  

2.  put fingers on the doll’s temples and squeeze it  evenly, once her wide  forehead narrows down, her face looks so much smaller!   

3.  soak the head into icy water.

it sounds truly silly, but it works wonder, my “stunning in the spotlight” had such a big head,  after my Water Treatment,  her head “shrank”,  she looks so much better…  I wanted to give  my “Tribute” & “Interview”  the same treatment, but I would completely ruin their hairstyles  if I did… so I have to leave them alone..


2 Responses to “A cure for BHS”

  1. Sandra said

    I am lame with the hair so my Silkies will have the BHS which I call cat-head. Their little noses and mouths are so tiny but those foreheads make them look like kitty cats! Meow!

    • dollsaga said

      exactly cat head, the forehead is huge, I first thought it was the way their hair was rooted, but its not. they were distorted. so, squeeze them to restore..lol

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