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Archive for August 20th, 2011

Barbie Loves Elvis

Posted by helen on August 20, 2011

she arrived today, she is really pretty, but she is not photogenic.  you have to “meet her in person”   to like her.   I acutally hope I had money to buy 2:


Can you tell this doll and the klimt have the same face mold, but they look so different:

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Posted by helen on August 20, 2011

to all the commentators

if you have not choosen an avatar, I have wordpress generated one for you. oh, they are fun. lol  I hope you all love yours, but  if you dont, there is  nothing I can do about it — it was given to you by Random …

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bild Lilli

Posted by helen on August 20, 2011

This doll,  had a dirty face,  someone  tried to repaint her like a Bild Lilli, but didn’t know how to remove the original paint,  the doll ended up like having a big fight with her neighborhood kids: they threw lots mud on her face,  her hair was all messed up –so that’s the reason she was sent to me, my task  was to remove the “mud” on her face,  restyle her hair and partially repaint her to make her more like a “Lilli”, I first thought it was easy, but it wasnt, I have tried 3 different color/stain  removers, it took hours to remove the smudges.

she has very short hair–there is no way I could make a ponytail like the original “bild Lilli” doll. so I pulled the hair back and made a bun.

I also repainted her eye shadows and lips,  I do NOT know what a vintage Lilli should look like, perhaps someday I’ll ask a collector.  I painted  her without much thinking …

she  turned out like a decent lady, no messy hair, no smudges on face at all… she is all “tidied up” –even I myself was stunned to see she could be so “Clean” .  I  wish I had taken a photo of her dirty face.

 my Barbie also lent her a dress, she is now ready to please her owner

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Please Change your password…

Posted by helen on August 20, 2011

It is very annoying that WordPress keeps telling me:

We just discovered an error in one of our tools on WordPress.com that may have affected your password’s security. Please change your password on the persaonal settings page


I have changed the password twice, but I am still getting this message! what kind of joke is this, only wordpress people know,  every time after I made change,  I’d get another message:

 We are terribly sorry about this mistake. No one likes having to create new passwords and we’d like to include a 15% off coupon to say we’re sorry. The coupon can be used for a custom domain, a design upgrade, VideoPress, or a storage space increase. Just use the code below on any of the upgrades on the wordpress store.

so that’s the purpose: promoting its products. so they repeatedly make the same mistake again & again.

Yahoo! also sent me “your account has been compromised…. Please change your password”

as a matter of fact, I dont care if any of my online accounts will be hacked, as none of  these accounts contains anything important,  all the names addresses telephones birthdays favorite pet’s name.. etc. etc  listed in these accounts are not real. the address perhaps is where a Macy’s Store located… 😀  once Youtube has gone mad, whenever I logged on,  it would insist I gave them my Mobile phone number–so in case I forgot my password, they’d send it to my Mobile phone, really? does it make sense? why not sending it to my email address? what if I forgot my password and lost my mobile phone? anyway,   to avoid the hassle, I entered a spammer’s  mobile phone number –the number was copied from an anti-spam website’s black list.  so go ahead,  Youtube, you may distribute that number to tele-marketers, let them call each other…  and  I am always ready to open new account …

  I have more than a dozen online blogs…  if wordpress doesn’t stop harassing users with such idiotic messages, I’ll move over to bloggers.

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