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2011 Barbie Convention Live Auction Dolls

Posted by helen on August 5, 2011

not many dolls for live auction this year. Mattel Designers did not participate except for Mr. Bill Greening.

From Aritist Creations:

From Matt Sutton:

From DressMaker Details:

From magia2000

The Following is a group of 5 dolls donated by NiniMomo, auctioned as a lot, unfortunately the price didnt go up as high as individual dolls,   perhaps they should have auctioned them individually.

Below is  Bill greening’s donation, “Duet in the Spotlight”, this set went up to $24,000 after Liz from Marketing Dept. at Mattel threw in 2 more dolls in this batch:  Bill Greening’s  Proto “Goddess of Galaxy” & Linda Kyaw’s Proto “mermaid” (coming soon, a new fantasy doll no one has yet seen)

16 Responses to “2011 Barbie Convention Live Auction Dolls”

  1. dollsaga said

    so, here again, I had to send the following “comment” to Spam box:

    qadirashabazz ymail.com on 2011/08/05 at 12:16 pm
    What iz ya talkinq bout ya iz sum wierdos. Who stil play wat barbi dollz

    why a close-minded person who has no common knowledge wants to play “smart”? if a little doll can raise thousands of $$$$$$ for Charity and bring joys to people’s life, you’d better go to educate yourself. you may add all of the asset you have at home, plus the head on your shoulder, your total worth is still less than a piece of plastic doll.

    • Natasa said

      Don’t pay attention to such comments. This is obviously an internet troll. The intentional bad spelling is atrocious. The troll isn’t even making a proper attempt at trolling, which is just sad. Some people just have too much time on their hands and really need to pick up a worthwhile hobby ASAP (like, collecting Barbies, for example)! 😛

      • dollsaga said

        well-said, Natasa. I remember reading a posting on BFC, a member’s 7-year-old son wanted to collect Barbie just like her Mom did, the first thing his mom had to tell him was: people might make fun of you, its better you keep your collectoin as a secret.. how sad is that? you’d think today’s society is quite open, but its not.

      • Pam said

        Actually Helen, I told my son, while I have no problem with him collecting or playing with dolls, I thought it would be in his best interest not to mention things to his school friends till he can handle the possible backlash that may come with it. When he can defend himself with either his words or physically, go for it. I’d rather my child not have to deal with the bullying and taunting that could arise from it, which could scar him needlessly for the rest of his life. Do I want my child to suffer depression or perhaps commit suicide because of this? Heck no! Family knowing is one thing, and all of our family knows and leave him to it. We all buy him dolls for his birthday and Christmas. It’s children that can be cruel and I am just trying to spare him from it. Ultimately I left the choice up to him whether or not he wanted his friends to know. I just explained what I was feeling about it and why I thought it may be better to wait till he can handle it on his own. I don’t think it’s sad, more of a level headed approach. Every action has it consequences and I want him to realize and understand that.

      • dollsaga said

        Pam, I have no doubt you did what is best for your child, but my comment was not about you or what you did, will you please read my comment again?? I was commenting on the Society, the society is not quite open, so a child has to hide his dolls. this is a sad fact. my original comments “how sad is that? you’d think today’s society is quite open?” besides, if you read everyone’s comments, you know no one said what you did was wrong. we were discussing how our hobby was discriminated, people ask us to donate instead to play… it seems we were all on your side. oh, well, you have me lost.

      • Pam said

        And another thing Helen, your comments really hurt.

      • dollsaga said

        why do you feel hurt? I didnt even comment on what you did is right or wrong, did I? I only commented the fact that a child has to hide his doll, b/c the SOCIETY Is not quite open — so my comment is towards the society, isnt it? I am sad about the close-minded society. if I say many people still dont tell others they are gay, b/c the societies they live in are not quite open, do you think I am hurting the gay people, or I am commenting on the society????

      • dollsaga said

        well, I invited 2 people to read my comments, neither of them believed that I attacked you, both thought I was clearly saying Today’s society should be more open… my comment should be interpreted into “it is sad b/c the society should be more open, but its not” sorry you feel the way you feel. but I understand everyone reads differently.

      • Pam said

        “the first thing his mom had to tell him was: people might make fun of you, its better you keep your collectoin as a secret.. how sad is that”

        That is the context in how I read your post. Not that you were talking about society in general. So I am sure you can understand how it would get someone’s feathers ruffled. Thank you for explaining what you were saying and I hope you can accept my apology for jumping the gun.

      • dollsaga said

        no applogy needed, Pam. I was not mad or upset, only very confused after seeing your comments, but I understand online reading is not like live conversation.

        if you read everyone’s comments and my comments, you know we were discussing how unhappy we were with what media like FOX news and some people had to say about our hobby, I took your case as an example to prove how discriminating these people are, after I stated the “facts”… I came to my conclusion: “how sad is that? you’d think the society is quite open, but not” –that’s all I wanted prove: if these people couldnt even bear to see a child with dolls, of course they’d thinik we were a crazy bunch. and we really should donate our money to save dogs and cats instead of dolls like fox news suggested.

        anyway, I am glad you feel better now.

  2. rnold said

    total …………..lol on that person commenting on other people joy and happiness………….as i always say to others hu dont understand why adult still play or collect toys….hu cares w them TO EACH IS OWN….probably mr or ms wisdom never uses his wisdom at all…what a pity

  3. wow! someone can’t spell for heavens sake! lol glad these dolls make sooo much money, they’re gorgeous!

    • dollsaga said

      the auction raised $63,000 for the Chiildren’s Home Society in FL. so you see the power of Barbie.

      • dollsaga said

        I also wish bill oreilly at Fox News see my posting. I am very annoyed that he and his Guests bashed Barbie again, one of his Guests said: “if you have the money to buy Barbie, why not donated to charity?” this person certainly didnt know that Barbie has donated to Charity more than Bill Oreilly has for the past 50 years.

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