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Barbie as Garce Kelly –the Bride & the Romance

Posted by helen on August 4, 2011

Grace Kelly doll did not meet my expectations, Mattel did much better job with Elizabeth Taylor & Vivien Leigh dolls. 

she will be available for sale on Aug 11 on http://barbiecollector.com

Here are some photos from 2011 Barbie Convention:

The Romance:

The Bride:

Dont you think Grace Kelly would have been more happier & more accomplished if she continued to be  an actress instead of a “Princess”?

My Speical Edition:


15 Responses to “Barbie as Garce Kelly –the Bride & the Romance”

  1. dollsaga said

    I forgot to mention, her price is $179 plus shipping & Tax, she would cost me more than $206 if I order her from Barbie Collectors. I need to think about it…. maybe the vinyl Grace doll is good enough for me…

    • rnold said

      thanx helen on your blog…bec in a way it helps me to decide on purchasing dolls….though right now im buying those previously released dolls wc is far more cheaper… most of these latest dolls from barbie collector are very expensive….like the russian silkstone dolls……their prices are extremely high…..if they are pivotal like that of fashion royalty dolls and limited to only 1000pcs probably i will consider buying them….but then a lot of barbie dolls releases prices drops so fast even on ebay and amazon….only few made it on top like the meduza marie antoinette and the platinum ed cher wc cost almost a thousand dollars…. even on bob mackies w so many releases didnt made it much though……..barbie should always reinvent make a lot of diffrent face sculpt n stop making repros….

  2. Not really sure if I would like to have the Romance set,but the Bride is amazing. I’m quite impressed with the way she’s packaged, similar to the Reem Acra, another stunning bride Barbie. I’ve placed an order on her and simply can’t wait to have her in my hands so I can enjoy this beautiful doll. As of the price,$206 is such a steal. From where I came from it could be as much as $360 including tax and shipping, so I were you I won;t think twice before getting her….

    • dollsaga said

      just saw a poll on BFC, so far, only 20% collectors voted they would buy her, 45% voted “NO”
      35% voted “Maybe”. I dont think $206 is a steal unless she is a platinum label. her price will drop if she doesnt move fast. so, I’d suggest you wait

      • Well, I guess it’s too late for that now. Since I’ve placed an order on her it’s a sure thing already. But that’s okay since I really like her and would like to have her sooner rather than later. I noticed many collectors are complaining about the high prices of dolls these days but if you’re sure of what you want and focusing on it that wouldn’t be a problem. Having a wish list and sticking to it like a religion really helps. And if you can get dolls from a trusted seller/friend as I do that would tremendously lessen the burden on your pocket too. You can choose to pay in installments while the doll is still on back order, and when the doll is ready to ship and the final payment cleared, you can get your dolls with no hassle at all. Got the Traditionalist and the Galaxy goddess that way and I’m very happy happy with them…=)

  3. rnold said

    though this bridal fashion looks better based on your picture than the vera wang traditionalist wc is also expensive….considering it was designd by vera.. i was dissapointed by traditionalist when i got it…..any amatuer sewer can do that bridal gown..

    • dollsaga said

      I didnt take a close look at the Vera Wang Bride, the doll indeed is expensive. why didn’t Vera choose the Chelsea Clinton Gown for Barbie? I like that gown. 😀

      • rnold said

        probably chelsea doesnt want to have her gown replicated to doll…or probably barbie cant do the smallest details to replicate the very beautiful gown….but how i wish it is….chelsea’s gown really beautiful….

  4. Tawna said

    I love the Grace Kelly dolls, all three of them. The prices, not so much. Are the silkstones limited?

    • dollsaga said

      Grace kelly silkstone dolls are Gold Labels, not limited. you can wait. the price will go down.

      • rnold said

        ill wait too….i learned my lesson w silkstone by buying them early….n months their prices drops…like what happend to palm beach coral and i guess soon to be dropping the tribute…: (……

      • dollsaga said

        I was so happy I waited on Coral. I should have waited on the Tribute, but I didnt. 😦

      • Tawna said

        Thanks, I think I will wait then. I was glad I did with PB Coral.

    • dollsaga said

      if you buy her now, with BFC reward & “buy more save more” promo, her price is down to $130 plus shipping & handling, much better…. (sales ends on 9/2/2011)

  5. sandra said

    You got some great pics of the dolls Helen. I want these but I’m running out of space! Maybe they will be on sale before they will sell out. I LOVE your special edition.

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