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Barbie Basics 3.0 sneaks

Posted by helen on August 2, 2011

This would be the last Wave in the ” Barbie Basics”  Line.  here are the sneak pix at Barbie Convention 2011.

Dolls are enjoying their time on the seaside…


20 Responses to “Barbie Basics 3.0 sneaks”

  1. Natasa said

    Eh… I really dislike the Aphrodite doll. I don’t particularly like the sculpt even when it is at its best, but with this hair and cut, it looks particularly cheap and thrashy. I’m not impressed with the blond hair on Goddess either, it looks fake and common, but this sculpt is beautiful, no matter what you do to it. Lara is so-so, I like her colours, but not really her her face. She has definitely seen better days.

    On another note, I think that Lea, Mbili and Louboutin are absolutely beautiful, they just need to be redressed!

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing the pics! I really appreciate it! 🙂

    • dollsaga said

      since they are the last wave, regardless of their looks, I perhaps will buy them all. b/c they are the cheapest dolls in “Barbie Collector” line, the rest are just too expensive.

  2. Tawna said

    Hmmmm not sure about these dolls.

  3. i cannot wait for these dolls, in all of the barbie basics lines i have to say in my own opinion, these girls hair and makeup is the best! for me, of course. i like the hair on them, the makeup is so not like what i’m used to seeing on these girls, i love swimwear so it’s exciting to me! basics is what go me into collecting once again, so i know i’ll be buying all of these! thanks so much for sharing! these are the best convention pics i have seen!


  4. Tawna said

    Maybe they’ll grow on me. I agree with Danielle…the hair and makeup is amazing.

  5. Andulicka said

    I love Lara. She is a Lady. Although I have one Lara doll (Top model Resort Theresa) she is my favorite to buy. The second one is Mbili. I love dark beauties and I can´t decide between goddes and Kayla who of them is better. I will see later when I will be able to see them alive.

  6. Andulicka said

    Well, I forgot to say – Why the hell they want to end up this line of dolls if they are going even better and better!!! :o( Maybe it is according to this saying: It is better to stop in the best part. (I am sorry for this translation I hope you will understand good )

  7. James said

    No way! Is this really going to be the last wave of Barbie Basics dolls? I have two of the Target-exclusive ones myself and I love them both! I would sincerely hate to see them go!

  8. James said

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe that the Barbie Basics line debuted just over a year or so ago. The line is just getting started! How can it be shut down so soon?

    • dollsaga said

      to continue or discontine a production line, Mattel makes its decision based on its sales reprot, if the line moves fast in the retail stores, mattel will keep making them, if the line doest sell, Mattel will call it quits.
      the Barbie Basics, if you only bought 2 of them, not 36 of them, you should know why it will be discountinued. my local stores still have the Basic 1.0 on the shelfs, the stores are reluctant to order new ones since the old ones dont move. some stores never carried BB 2.0. although I bought more than 40 of Barbie basic dolls (including repeats, I have a dozen of Model #5, 4 of Model #14,), the numbers of people like me are just not large enough to keep the line alive. as simple as that.

      it was never a great idea to bomb the market with a group of 12 dolls at the same time, Birthstone Beauties proved it, they ended up $6.00 on BC and $9 in my local discount store. the same fate happened to the BB line, they are now $9.99 at BN.com and other discount stores. whem Mattel makes no profits, they will pull off the production.

      • i agree 100%, that’s exactly why it has failed. i’ve got every single one, plus repeats, the price is great the quality is normally very good. it just didn’t catch on as well as they planned, and I’m not sure why :/ I think when they were released in stores too many people didn’t know what you were supposed to do with them. They saw a $21 doll with a black dress, and saw nothing different. Sure they saw some AA ones, but they didn’t see different cuts of the dress, or different head molds, so I think a lot of people were like “huh?” but as far as collectors go, and for OOAKers, I think it’s been a wonderful opportunity, I’ve gotta get at least 3 of each of the new line lol

      • dollsaga said

        that’s right, the dolls were designed for collectors to play, but the quanities are produced for Mass market, way too many were produced. most people are not into “Collecting”, they just want to buy one or two to make their kids happy. many partents HATED these dolls, it was on Fox News, MSN… when these parents & grandparents thought these black dresses were too “sexy” for kids , they wouldnt want to buy it, besides, the fashionista is $12.99. BB is more expensive. so the market died. “barbie collector” is a small market. 5000 of each Model would be good for the collector market.

      • Andulicka said

        It is a pitty. Perhaps the parents didn´t like them, but they were not for children. They are collectors dolls. And I think that many playline dolls are dressed more “sexy” then BB.Maybe they could keep BB line with making less dolls per year – about six as in this line and change the faces each year. I like creating for dolls and I loved they quality and price – as I can not allow more expensive dolls.

      • dollsaga said

        if you look at the Mother who was on MSNbc bashing these dolls, you would laugh. the tight low cut black dress she herself wore for the interview was very revealing , but she opened her mouth saying the dolls were too “sexy” & sent the wrong message to children—watch the video here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/37316070#37316070.

      • Andulicka said

        You are right. She spoke about anything, but she forgot to check yourself. I understand that somebody feels that Barbie are not suitable for children, it depends on the lifestyle. But if you don´t like something, so it is not necessarry to tell the world. You can not look at it, not buy it….. Everybody has the right to tell his opinion without being rude. So I accept it. Still it is pitty that they end it.

      • Elle said

        They needed advertising and on women’s stations, not kids or “mom’s”. They brought me back, too, and at a bad time (we’re moving and I have a big doll mess to move now, too). I discovered them a month ago and SO FAR have 8 dolls and 7 accessory packs. If I were rich, I’d be almost done collecting the whole set. (I’d still not want to get ripped off on 2.5.)

        This is so sad. They had extra 0s in the names that were unnecessary after all. And I found out just this week they are done! Sad for me. Such a tease all those 0s!!!

        BTW, these dolls, slutty? Maybe as a stretch, but playline is FARRR sluttier. And they don’t dress like adults; they’re in slutty kids’ clothes. Most of the Fashionistas’ clothes are putrid.

        And toward the end of that 1st woman’s interview, she was getting close to a wardrobe malfunction herself.

        If I wanted kids, I’d be happier them having these outfits and even bodies than the stupid “Limited Too” -wearing dolls with LARGE heads!

        Sorry, I am upset! 😉

      • dollsaga said

        oh, dont get upset. there are many new dolls coming out soon, you always have plenty choices…

  9. James said

    I only bought the Target-exclusive Barbie Basics dolls because of the fact that there are only three dolls and one accessory pack in both lines. With the original dolls, only God knows how much money I’d have to spend on the accessory packs to get the look I want for my doll. Since only one accessory pack was issued with the Barbie Basics dolls from Target, I figured I could have fun with the dolls while saving money on their accessories at the same time. Plus, red is my absolute favorite color, and Barbie looks smashing in it!

  10. As a young collector making the breakaway from play dolls, I love finding collector-line dolls that I can afford. The Basics line has always been affordable for me and the discontinuation is breaking my heart. I think there are a lot of avenues Mattel could’ve explored with this, but all good things must come to an end, I suppose. I agree with the previous comments that Mattel oversaturated their market–my local Wal-Mart has plenty of both 1.0 and 2.0 dolls. Heck, I watched one doll (Collection 1.0, Model #10–the doll that caused such a stink with her super-low neckline) languish on the stands for over six months before she was moved to the discount section and subsequently sold (to me, for ten bucks–half off). And this was the reissue, the one with the redesigned neckline that didn’t dip so far! Strangely enough, I have seen surprisingly few of the 1.5 and 2.5 series, which is a shame because that redheaded Steffie from the 1.5 line was a knockout!

    Regardless of the cons I find the Basics line creative and well-made, and I think it’s a shame that it’s being called off. I’m certain that Mattel will come up with some excellent ideas in the future, and I consider myself lucky to have been a part of it and to have gotten some very nice dolls at a reasonable price.

    And as a final little thought, I don’t see a Steffie in this final line! Not that that’s going to stop me from wanting at least one, but I love Steffie girls.

    • dollsaga said

      when Barbie Collector online put these basic dolls for $7.50 each last months, this line has been total killed without any hope to be continued.

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