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A cure for BHS

Posted by helen on August 29, 2011

BHS–Big Head Syndrome. 

“my scene” dolls’ big heads  dont bother me, but  Silkstone dolls’ big  heads do.  as their squashed faces look “wide & flat”, not sure if something  went wrong when these plastics were blown up.. or they were smashed during facial screening  or hair restyling  processes.. you see,  they are plastics, whenever they are heated up,  they face the  possiblities to be distorted.

I decided to give their BHS some treatments:

1. Soak the head into the hot water to soften the hard plastic,  

2.  put fingers on the doll’s temples and squeeze it  evenly, once her wide  forehead narrows down, her face looks so much smaller!   

3.  soak the head into icy water.

it sounds truly silly, but it works wonder, my “stunning in the spotlight” had such a big head,  after my Water Treatment,  her head “shrank”,  she looks so much better…  I wanted to give  my “Tribute” & “Interview”  the same treatment, but I would completely ruin their hairstyles  if I did… so I have to leave them alone..

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Miss Klimt

Posted by helen on August 28, 2011

she’s got a new hair style


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Barbie Loves Ken Mugs!!

Posted by helen on August 27, 2011

I broke one of my mugs,  then, I decided to retire all of them, I bought this set in Sept, 2001, time to let them go, right? …  I went on a website and customized a set “Barbie & Ken” Mugs. it cost me an arm & a leg,  I know its crazy,  but if they come to me with good quality, I may customize more… lol   any of you want one?

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life is on feet…

Posted by helen on August 27, 2011

scared by Hurrican Irene,  NYC Mayor decided to shutdown Subway & bus services at noon today.  I dont know if it was necessary.

 So we have to walk … Long walks…  I lost one grocery bag on my way home from KeyFood,  I didnt even  know how I lost it, that bag was the heaviest one,  I didnt know where I ” unloaded”  it? that’s pretty dumb.    All the beef, pork, fish were “gone with the Wind”,   I will be a “vegetarian” for the next 2  days until  all the services resume on Monday, shops open again.

we were told to have $150 cash on hand for emergency,  but how $150 can help when nature disaster comes?    I dont get it.

as long as we dont have power power outage, I am all fine.

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bubble cut

Posted by helen on August 27, 2011

she is still a Debut doll, but I gave her a side-part bubble cut

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I can be Dancer Barbie & Ken giftset

Posted by helen on August 26, 2011

New in the store! check out this giftset, it looks cute, but I’ll never order from kmart again based on the  bad experieces  I had with them. 


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Lilli in Italien

Posted by helen on August 25, 2011

I saw this comic stripe, and decided to make a doll to match:


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3 Debutantes

Posted by helen on August 23, 2011

Please dont get tired of my debut dolls –oh,  sorry,  they are NOT mine,  I restyled them based on the pictures that were sent along with them, now I am sending them home:

remember my trophies? Now I can add a few more. lol

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Barbie Loves Elvis

Posted by helen on August 20, 2011

she arrived today, she is really pretty, but she is not photogenic.  you have to “meet her in person”   to like her.   I acutally hope I had money to buy 2:


Can you tell this doll and the klimt have the same face mold, but they look so different:

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Posted by helen on August 20, 2011

to all the commentators

if you have not choosen an avatar, I have wordpress generated one for you. oh, they are fun. lol  I hope you all love yours, but  if you dont, there is  nothing I can do about it — it was given to you by Random …

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