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2012 Barbie Convention registration has started

Posted by helen on July 31, 2011

if you are a member of Yahoo! 2012 Barbie Convention group, you should be able to download the registration form from the group file. or you can try to download it from here: Registration form  click on “file”, then click on “download as PDF file”

  no lottery this year — Registrations will be  on “first in, first served”  basis. so,  if you plan to go, you need to mail out your form ASAP. many of us have turned in our forms on the last night of 2011 convention.

Registration fee: $350 -$425,   (the fee may vary,  depending on the time you register and the method you choose to receive your package: eMail would be the cheapest, snail mail cost you $15 more) 

Best Luck, I am sure the convention will be sold out soon.

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Barbie Convention Table Gifts Part 5

Posted by helen on July 26, 2011

This set is for the Table Hostess. its a  “Happy 5oth Birthday Ken” Barbie doll.

Barbie brought Birthday Cake, Roses &  Dylan’s Candy Bar to Ken’s big 50th Birthday Party, sweet, isnt it?

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Barbie convention table gifts part 4

Posted by helen on July 24, 2011

 I was going to give everyone a Barbie Hat & a Barbie Pet, but I changed my mind and  decided to give a Swimsuit instead, after all, its  “spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale”. 

so  here is the  little pack for another event:  a swimsuit,   a Puppy,  a strawberry cake (some will get ice cream cone instead)  and a lipstick (oh, the lipstick is not for Barbie but for any real women 😀 )

all of my gifts for my Table mates are ready, each of them will get:  An  unofficial Convention  Barbie Tee,  A mini Barbie Dress, A set of  “Barbe & Ken” greeting Cards, a  doll swimsuit, a pet, a miniature cake  and a lipstick.  lol

I didnt put much efforts on table gifts this year,  super simple. I dont really know who my table mates will be. I didnt ask my table hostess too many questions, I didnt even bother to ask which movie our table is named after. I really dont care.

See Ya in FL.

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finally, I have my package!

Posted by helen on July 21, 2011

4 more days passed,  I still didnt get the priority mail package I was expecting, calling USPS  wasnt much help, so  I went to post office at 7AM early this morning. luckily, they found the package.

2 silkstone  dolls were from ebay,  the seller’s stated the item conditions were NEW,  UOPNED, Undamaged, etc. etc.   but one doll has been removed from box, her hair net is missing,  she was loosely tied back to the box.  the other doll appeared to be “never removed from box”, but the box was damaged on the corners, some red paint  on the right side has been chipped off,  considering its an one-hundred-dollar doll, the seller should have mentioned the box wasnt in good condition but slightly damaged.

some sellers think if they hide these details, the doll prices would go higher,  which isnt true. if you write honest & detailed descriptions, your item price can go much higher, even your doll is a  nude one, it can sell at higher prices than a NRFB (never removed from box)  doll. you just catch different sort of  buyers.    some sellers just  dont believe “honesty is the best policy”

 most buyers will leave  the seller Negative Feedbacks if they expect “new,  unopened dolls” but  receive used dolls instead,    I feel bad that the seller isnt honest, but  I did not leave negative feedbacks.   I wrote a private message to him, to let him know the item was not as described–I think if I dont let him know, he would do it again to other buyers in the future. if he doenst write back with an explanation,   I will  not buy from him again.  –I have always been a good buyer,  super fast payment, and I am not picky, if the doll has wonky eyes, messy hair, I’ll fix them by myself, I never returned any items or left any  negative feedbacks to any sellers.  there were times I received the items were  not as described.  last month I received 2 nude dolls, both have  small  holes on their foreheads, and handwritings on the doll legs,  but  the seller still described them “in good condition”,   I tried, but could not remove the handwritings.  I think they were written with  permanent black ink.  since the 2 dolls were not expensive, I just tossed them. forget about them for good.

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2011 Barbie Convention Table Gifts Part III

Posted by helen on July 21, 2011

how about a simple Dress?  sort like 60s  Beach Party Dress.

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2011 Barbie Convention Table Gifts Part II

Posted by helen on July 19, 2011

I intend to give Gifts that wont take too much room in my table mates’ suitcases when they go home,  small & practical gifts are good.

for the Opening night, I am going to give each  guest an “unofficial” Convention  Barbie Tee:  “Barbie & Ken Spring Break 1961”,

One size fits all!  here is how it looks like on the dolls:

Since we will be getting  “In the Swim” Barbie & Ken giftsets as convention dolls,  and Barbie wears Blue Swimsuit, maybe I should make blue striped shorts for ken to match Barbie’s blue 1-pc swimsuit… but forget about it,  I really dont care about ken at all.

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URBFC 2011 convention raffle doll Part III

Posted by helen on July 19, 2011

Here are some photos showing Miss Best having fun in holidays

first up is “Halloween”


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Please show up, dolls!

Posted by helen on July 18, 2011

so anxiously waiting for a priority package, it should have arrived 2 days ago, but the online status still show “out for delivery”, what is wrong? its been out for delivery for 2 days?

I think priority mails are experiencing delays, the package I sent 4 days ago is also still in the transit.

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Barbie Convention Table Gifts —for one night

Posted by helen on July 17, 2011

some people spend the entire year to prepare for convention, that’s not me. I do everything a few days before the convention.

this convention has 4 meal funtions, I need to make table gifts for each event.

I made table gifts for one night,  very simple gifts,  its a set of of 6  Barbie & Ken Greetting cards.  life is easy, I  ordered them from snapfish.  

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URBFC 2011 Barbie Convention Travel Doll — Part II

Posted by helen on July 17, 2011

I’ll try to be a little bit more organized  & follow the time line:

Our travel Doll started as a “Debut”, she was donated by our club president Mike:

then, she  was transformed and renamed, our club member gave her a pretty name “Felicity Best”. b/c we adore Mr Best.

She came from OK, her first stop was NYC,  revisitng her birthplace brought back so many good memories:

1. javits Center: Barbie ‘was born here 51 years ago

barbie needs a chinese Visa before flying to shanghai,

she is wearing “miss Sugar Kane” (played by Linda Evans,  Beach Blanket Bingo) outfits

NYC times Square Subway Station:

More to come, stay tuned

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