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puffy lips…

Posted by helen on June 29, 2011

remember this entry about big mouth?


since a hater out there  really hates it, I am posting  more to piss him off 😀   I have deleted some pictures since they are not really my cup of tea, but new ones are coming….  lol  I can’t believe someone wants me  to change  Parisienne Pretty  & Coral’s lips this way.  I am going to commit  another 3 crimes, but thats what she loves and Hater hates.  since Hater doesnt pay a dime, who cares what he hates  lol


2 Responses to “puffy lips…”

  1. kira smith said

    Hater is a loner who has not accomplished anything and doesnt have an IDENTITY of his own, he relates himself to a doll or a designer who comes from his own race or culture background, when you deny the doll or the designer, Hater feels he himself is being denied & rejected, his sense of security is threaterned. he then starts personal attacks & calling names. he thinks if he bashes your works, you would feel bad as he feels, but you don’t care since you do what people ask you to do and get paid for doing it. it makes him MAD.

    Hater will keep coming back like a stalker. Don’t give him the attentions he desperately wants, if he doesnt get what he wants, he will disappear. I feel sorry for Hater, he has nothing in his life but a couple of dolls.

  2. dollsaga said

    Hater has an empty brain, a foul mouth and a lonely life. I cant stop him from coming back, but I blocked his IP, he can only scold at his computer screen “you ass bag, you ass bag” like chicken has its head off. but anything from his smelly foul mouth wont show up here.

    perhaps his parents got divorced and left him nothing but anger. they both abandoned him. 😀

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