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Byron Lars Fenella Layla™ Barbie

Posted by helen on June 28, 2011

since the doll would cost at least $99, my expectation for a $99 doll is so much higher.
Passport collection? to me, she looks like a homeless garbage collector, wandering around & picking up dirty pieces people have thrown away & wrapping herself up with these dirty pieces to keep herself warm. I am 10000% sure if you walk around the flee market in Soho after the night falls, you can pick up all these pieces for free. you do not need to travel around the world to collect them.
since when Barbie has become such a frumpy sloven?

Byron Lars Fenella Layla™ Barbie® Doll
it look like the design work was done by a FIT student and the teacher sealed it with “F”. can anyone do worse? A sad story. its Time for Barbie to Hire Stacy London & Clinton Kelly

the Byron Lars Charmaine King™ doll price has dropped from $100 to $75, no doubt on my mind her price will continue going down, its just another weired design, everything is mismathced, it appeared the designer had no inspiration at all when doing this so called passport collections.

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21 Responses to “Byron Lars Fenella Layla™ Barbie”

  1. dollsaga said

    my trashes are often some scumbags’ treasures, if you have a life, go to get your own space to post, lol

    the angry they get, the happier I am. 😀


    • if you dont like something designed by a Black designer, you are a Racist.

      • Lee Russo said

        Kathy Silverman, get out of here. I like some of byron lars dolls and some I don’t like. does that make me a racist only some of the time? Has nothing to do with his race. I like some styles of Barbie dolls and some I don’t and who cares who designed it? byron Lars does design some odd dolls and not everyone will like them. I don’t like the dolls of the world that they try to dress like Big Ben in London, Opera house in Sydney Australia, statue of liberty in new york and the eiffel tower in Paris. who designed them? I have no idea, I just don’t like them. You should apologize for your extremely silly remark and refrain from making that assumption in the future. Merry Christmas. Oh, and by the way… I love this doll and am sorry I didn’t buy it when I first saw the catalog for $100. Now they are over $250. I probably won’t be able to get.

      • dollsaga said

        the doll was $75 a few days later after its release. even at $75, she was still not popular , so she was on Dream Sales as well.
        since she is an online derect, her price will go up & down on eBay, you dont have to pay $200, you just have to wait for your chances. like this seller sold 4 of them, 3 ended at $139.99, one ended at $149.00

        I do not care for this doll, it doesnt matter to me if she is $1,000 or $39. She is not for me.

        by the way, Linda Kyaw (pronunced as “Joe”) designed all the landmarks of the world dolls.

  2. Art said

    Agree with you Helen!!! By the way I´m not a racist at all, I´m a Latin gay guy, the design it´s a mess, what Byron Lars was thinking about when he designed this doll, lots of tartan fabric all in the wrong way.

    • dollsaga said

      lol, Art, I am okay with the “Racist” thing. a bad design is a bad design, no matter who designed it. time for this collection to come to an end. its going nowhere. the designer has no IDEA what culture is & what couture is.
      after Goddess of Galaxy, you’d really wonder how Mattel expects to sell a doll wrapped up with trashy rags for $100.

  3. Hater said

    oh blah blah blah….the happier I get my ass….why dont you go paint some more SS’s with chapped lips…I mean your re-paints are just AWFUL!! To much botox or lip filler! Or maybe they do really have chapped lips. Enjoy having taste only in your mouth, my dear…you get a life!

    Submitted by Black Hater from IP Address: Connecticut City: Waterbury
    on 2011/06/28 at 9:40PM

    • dollsaga said

      the above message was copied from Trash can,

      the “hater” sure is a Hater who has NO life, and no better place to go!

      my repaints, haha, you are going to even hate it more, the puffy lips sell for $300 each and that is by Popular demand. I am painting another 3 dolls with puffy lips!!!! how much you hate that? but who cares about your dirty thought!
      apparently I am having a fabulous life, I even have a popular blog you cant help visiting. thank you for increasing my traffic and making fool of yourself to entertain us.

      by the way, dont think using a fake email address can help to hide your identity, a proxy server may help you out, but you are way too stupid to know what it is. you dont have a life. you dont have knowledge, you are a scumbag filled with anger & hate, what a loser what a waste!!

      from now on, any postings from you will be automatically deleted,, it wont even go to Trash Can. if you want, you can have them bounce back to your black box. wordpress does give you this option.

    • dollsaga said

      Gee, hater keeps coming back, exactly like what Kira said:

      Hater is a loner who has not accomplished anything and doesnt have an IDENTITY of his own, he relates himself to a doll or a designer who comes from his own race or culture background, when you deny the doll or the designer, Hater feels he himself is being denied & rejected, his sense of security is threaterned. he then starts personal attacks & calling names. he thinks if he bashes your works, you would feel bad as he feels, but you don’t care since you do what people ask you to do and get paid for doing it. it makes him MAD.

      Hater will keep coming back like a stalker. Don’t give him the attentions he desperately wants, if he doesnt get what he wants, he will disappear. I feel sorry for Hater, he has nothing in his life but a couple of dolls.

  4. kira smith said

    Hater is pissed off! 😀

    • kira smith said

      even God himself created this doll, I would not spend a dime on her. cutting pieces out of diapers is called “couture”,

  5. dollsaga said

    The Emperor’s New Clothes are for foolish & tasteless “Hater”.

    • dollsaga said

      1416 hits? is it real? no wonder some celebrities like being negative, it attracts attention.

      its time to put up some Google ADs & gain some $$, so all the traffic is not wasted. and I can spornor that homeless cat which my super forbids us to feed it.

  6. dollsaga said

    at meantime, there are 56 spams.

  7. dollsaga said

    RIP, hater, sorry you died so quickly. 😀

  8. dollsaga said

    The doll is now on sale for $75, sales ends on 9/2/2011. if you have $20 reward, her price would be $55. there is a thread on BFC, one person ask why she went on sale so quick? a person said he asked 25 collectors about this doll at Barbie convention, the answer is people do NOT appreciate such fashion disasters, and I believe the price will go down more, she will end up at $49

    • Lee Russo said

      If anyone can tell me where I can get this doll for $55 let me know. I can’t find it for less than $200

  9. dollsaga said

    someone posted a photo here: http://i682.photobucket.com/albums/vv182/mcjack1954/fenellaboardpic4.jpg

    what a fashion disaster!!

    • dollsaga said

      I give credit to the collector who took this photo, I dont know what his real name is, but the photo album shows the screen name is MCjack1954. links are allowed to post without permissions, but if you use his photos, you should give him credit or ask for his permission, I dont like people who steal other’s photos and use them like their own in their blogs or on facebook, etc…

  10. Terri Gold said

    This thread just saved me from ordering her. I actually liked the mixed up fashion but seeing the IRL doll turned me off. She looks terrible. I thought some of the pieces would do well with other pieces.

    • dollsaga said

      actully, the doll’s face is fine, its the fashion keeps many from buying her. maybe you can wait until BC offers more discount, then buy her, you can always sell the n*de doll to someone likes her face, and keep the fashion for yourself.

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