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only “a half” idea

Posted by helen on June 5, 2011

so, here I am, trying to make a bridal doll for our gift swap on Barbie Day, I looked through some of the bridal dolls Mattel made, my goal is making something different, somthing my gift recipient doesnt have in her collections.

I decided a single shouler wedding gown would be nice, since I have not seen it in Mattel’s bridal collections. now the bodiec is done. I have no idea how to go on, what type of skirt should I make? there are lots of choices, ruffled, tiered, full circle,   mermaid, etc etc…   I need the other half idea to complete the design.


2 Responses to “only “a half” idea”

  1. Elsy Rivera said

    Hi have you try petals for the skirt to go with the flower she has on the shoulder or maybe feathers.

    • dollsaga said

      thank you. I do have a bag of white petals but I have no time for her right now, she’ll have to wait until I am done with a few other projects.

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