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Dont Get bitter, Get smarter

Posted by helen on June 4, 2011

there is a Barbie Sales, there are a few eBay related threads floating around the Fan Club Forum bashing eBay sellers. read this one:

I just have to say how rotten it is for people to automatically buy the club dolls, and then turn around and put them on eBay for a nice fat profit. I was not able to buy the new club doll for my private collection, so I go to eBay and I’m amazed how expensive they are going for. It looks like some people are just out to make the money. I know I’m whinning, but it is really annoying.

dont get Bitter, get smarter, instead of “whining”, choose “winning”, Barbie goes to pepole who have more determination & tactics to get her.
eBay helps Mattel  to extend Barbie markets in the ways its AD Campaigns can never do. eBay helps Barbie to reach unreachable, gives collectors unlimited resources & choices.  havent you benefited from it?  The hightly-sought-after image eBay has created for these platinum dolls stimulates the markets, increases both existing & potential collectors’ interests, it gives them a sense of urgency to buy or collect.  if there were not eBay, many dolls will be still in BC warehouse collecting dust.

When Barbie prices go up on 2ndary market, the ultimate beneficiary is Mattel, if the prices go down, its time for Mattel to hire new marketing strategists.

speaking of rotten, people like John Edward are really rotten.

A dealer who makes living  by selling Barbie at profitable prices and  had 4 computers(that’s why the site had traffic jem and crashed) hooked up  trying to get the platinum doll  during the sales  posted following:

I do have to agree that it certainly is disappointing, but there are many many generous people out there as well, who go without recognition and still have the spirit of the hobby.  

I was going to do a drawing of a OOAK Barbie that was done to support my Team in Training run, when a very kind person who heard about what I was doing, sent me a POP doll which is now in the drawing.  He emailed me and said “expect her in the mail and I hope this compliments your drawing”.  
I just wanted to share, there are still fellow collectors who get two of something and are happy to donate/trade/sell at issue price a highly desired doll.
Kudos to those who have done this for your fellow collectors!  

first of all, I can only say the person who made donation had better “spirits” than the dealer herself.

Secondly,   I dont see any differences between people who sell a new POP to make profits and she sells Vintage Barbie to make profits  . people are driven by the market.   she sells rose Splendor barbie for $49, while some ebay sellers sold the same doll under $10.

Finally, a person  who sells the platinum doll at high prices can also be one of the most generous people who make donations all the time. many artists who donated their OOAK works to Barbie Convention have sold platinum Barbie at sky-rocketed  prices on eBay.

Dont think these eBay sellers get their dolls easily, they do put lots efforts on it.   one time  I knew when the platinum Japan  would be available online,  but I didnt have enough energy to stay awake until 3AM EST. I paid an eBay seller high price for the Japan platinum, he certainly deserved it as when he was competing with other  shoppers,   I was in sound sleep.

before the Splash of Siver went on sale,  I knew I’d be on dial-up,  but I want to get the doll from Bc instead of eBay.  so I did my “home-study”, played around the online shop, read its source files,  I was able to skip a few steps and went directly to the checkout as soon as the sales started.  I got the doll then went  to read these complaints on BFC board.

Speaking of “spirits of hobby”, here are mine:

I would never know who Jeff Gorden was if Barbie didnt tell me so. 

I would never explore the city I live  or places I visit  or eBay or Amazon the way I do now  if Barbie didnt lead the way.

I would never  watch the market so closely if Barbie didnt remind me of it. I certainly learned great things or strategies  from Barbie’s marketers.

didnt I mention how many wonderful friends Barbie introduced to me?

collecting Barbie is never about how many dolls I have. it about learning and reinventing yourself the way Barbie does.

deep down I do think people make complaints about not getting platinum dolls all the time are STUPID.   shh… dont tell anyone I said so. don't tell anyone

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Barbie museum collection hits eBay

Posted by helen on June 4, 2011

I see them nowhere else, but on eBay. prices range from $39 to $69 plus shipping ($10 to say the least) they never made their way to my wish list, since I am visiting Metropolitan Museum on 25th, maybe I’ll bring one home. I kind like the “Klimt”, as she looks different, and she is not a Mackie. I remember she worn a knitted dress at the Toy Fair –I hate stretchable nylon knits–super cheap materials. If better material is used for actual products, I’ll buy her. —-it’s very sad Mattel uses the cheapest Fabric to make doll dresses. the major cost of a doll dress is Labor cost, not material, so little material is needed for a doll dress, but it takes long time to make them as they are so tiny. A doll dress can be truly a piece of art  if its made of quality fabric with fine craftsmanships.

check them out   thinking

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