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a dress for Barbie & me

Posted by helen on May 30, 2011

when I am thinking what I should wear on our next “bridal” barbie day, I saw  a piece of fabric on internet, large Red peony flower & phoenix bird prints –this is a piece of fabric Chinese Brides would use to make Cushion cases, pillow case for their new homes. it has lots symbolic meanings, but I just thought  the bright colors and large prints are quite uplifting, it happened I have the same fabric I got form a department store in Soho, NYC, 5 years ago,  I am so bored today, I cut my hair 6″ shorter, then decided to make a loud dress out of this piece of  fabric for myself,  the dress now is hanging in my closet and ready to wear, it fits perfectly, which means I am not allowed to  put 1 oz fat on my tummy before the day comes., the bad news is I just consumed a huge box of banana ice cream

 Barbie got one, too. unforunately, you can’t even see  a complete flower Petal or leave, the pattern is much larger than Barbie.  oh, the style of my dress is very different from Barbie’s


I m sure people dont see my face only the huge flowers and birds  when I put this dress on.  never had such a busy dress in my life. time to shock my friends.  lol


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big mouth

Posted by helen on May 30, 2011

I dont really understand why  many people dont like silkstone dolls lips, they think they are too small, and they want to make them larger. one ebay seller sells the silkstone  dolls at really  high prices, all she does is to repaint the doll lips, give the doll a “big bloody  mouth” , then, these silly bidders will go crazy for it— I am so amazed she could keep this business going for years.  

 I am often asked to do “the  Lip  Surgery” for silkies, too.  here are 2 big-mouthed girls.  I hope they dont talk  much….


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silkstone Grace kelly on eBay

Posted by helen on May 29, 2011

the doll has not yet been released to any markets. and she  is supposed to be $179. but some sellers sold her for so much less,   from $75 to $92.  on eBay,

 of course, she is not yet ready for shipping. I wondered if this kind of pre-sale “risky”?

 this one is sold for $79.00:   http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&_trksid=p4340.l2565&item=110694122232   if the seller fails to  ship it within 45 days, you will never have your money back.  and we have see pre-sale scams for so many times, but $80 for this doll sure is great price, isnt it? I guess you can order it but get yourself ready to file a dispute if she doesnt show up in 45 days. but do you really want to go over all the trouble like this? at the end, Mattel probably would put her on clearance sale for $75, just like they did to  Palm Beach Coral.

I know I’ll get the vinyl Grace kelly as soon as she is available, but the silkstone, I guess I’ll have to wait. I am patient.

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the Caylee Anthony Case

Posted by helen on May 28, 2011

the Trial has finally begun, after the little girl was murdered in 2008.


 It was so shocking to see  the accused killer,   Casey Anthony now blames her own father Ggeorge Anthony, he is the real killer and Child Molester! Casey said she  was sexually abused by both her father George & her Brother Lee… and Lee actually is the father of the Child…

can things be more ugly?!  is there really Justice?

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PC Desk Calendar for June

Posted by helen on May 27, 2011

June Bride!  you may download it from here:


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Posted by helen on May 27, 2011

Teresa became Barbie’s Friend in 1990.  Teresa is multicultural. she has played Indians (both American native Indian & Asian Indians),  Puerto Rican,  Malaysian,  etc. etc. from “star skater” to “super gymnast”, Teresa has many succesful careers just as Barbie does. From “uptown chic” to “wild style”, Teresa has great fashion sense as well.    we are glad to see she also  joned ” Barbie Basics”   as a ultimate muse.

My Fashion Fever Teresa is ready to say her Goodbye, she is leaving me for a better home.

I took 2 final photos upon her departure, I think she has a very pretty face,  I like all the Teresa in “Fashion Fever” Line.


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Pinch of platinum

Posted by helen on May 25, 2011

“Pinch of Platinum” doll went on sale at 12 EST, today.

as expected, shoppers experienced difficulties & tornados during platinum doll sales …the site was so borken, lots error messages, frozen pages, “502 bad gateways”, apparently it had traffic jam.

I was at my wits end, but I was patinent and not frustrated at all. I got one after a half hour try, and I tried many different ways…

sorry so many poeple are now Pinched by anger. lots of them started bashing eBay sellers who put the doll on ebay for higher prices (4 of them showed up on ebay before the sales started, 14 of them have showed up on ebay right after the sals ended, and of course, more to come… at least 100 of them will be on ebay….)

Here is the way I look at it, Mattel loves the intensity platinum caused among the collectors, it also loves to see the high prices on the 2ndary markets, its great for Barbie image and will create enough buzz to attract attentions from both old and potential collectors.

Platinum dolls only mean “no more than 1,000 was rleased”, it doesnt mean the dolls have higher qualities, the quality of “Pinch of Platinum” is no better than christabelle barbie, but poeple go crazy for platinum dolls, I would never understand why some people pay $1,000 for city smart. In my eyes, this doll is not greater than the $39.00 debut..

I am lucky to get POP, if I didnt get her, I knew I would not be upset at all. she is just a doll, there are plenty of good ones I can buy…. but I am Pinched for $$$$.

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Craft Night

Posted by helen on May 24, 2011

I have not attended our club mettings for 13 months.   I made great efforts to participate today’s  “Craft night”

its was a lot of fun, our club has the most talented people in the doll commuinties, many of them have hosted workshops at Barbie Convention. Joan is  this year’s Sewing Workshop Instructor. if you are intersted in attending,  here is the link: http://www.barbieconvention.com/workshops.html#sewing 

so these super talented people outshone me, I had no inspirations this evening. I was a mess and had no idea what I was making.

at the end, I made a few cards and a spiral-bound notebook, I chose wedding theme, as I can use them for our upcoming Barbie Day: “June Bride”

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knitting & painting pretty

Posted by helen on May 21, 2011

Knitting a sweater for myself

Making over a Barbie:

so, that’s what I do for Saturday.

didnt someone say the word is ending today? then, I dont have to pay the bills…

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Trojan: CWTTWQRUVPCI.EXE & Vista Anti Virus 2011

Posted by helen on May 16, 2011

started my day with bad luck, my computer was affected by

1. Trojan: CWTTWQRUVPCI.EXE  http://www.threatexpert.com/report.aspx?md5=5e067eec1d97974cb7f8aa21c83695f4

2. Vista Anti Virus 2011:  http://www.2-spyware.com/remove-vista-anti-virus-2011.html

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