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Archive for April 5th, 2011

eBay fee will increase after April 19

Posted by helen on April 5, 2011

 ebay is sending out newsletters telling everybody they will reduce the listing fee,  as I said before if listing fee is reduced, then, the finally valule fee will go up , eBay will never let you pay less, not even one cent less— well, I was  so  right, just received another news letter:   eBay will collect finall value  fee  on Shipping as well.  which means,  if you charge $1.00 shipping, you’ll have to pay  eBay  $0.15 Final value Fee,  so the buyer will have to pay $1.oo+$0.15=$1.15  to cover the seller’s total cost.

whenever  eBay makes changes, its purpose  is to make you pay MORE,  it doesnt matter if you are a seller or buyer.

doll prices will go up…

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your life experiences & collecting habits

Posted by helen on April 5, 2011

everyone collects differenctly, your life experiences certainly have great impacts on the way you collecting.

I have lived in 7 cities (gee, all big cities, which means “large populations & small apartment space”) & 2 countries. everytime when I needed to move, I had to “trash” a lot of my “treasures”–simply not everything you loved could go with you. so I developed this rules: keep my place simple, dont pile up clutters, no extra fornitures, no unfitted clothes… my friends always told me that my place is too “empty” as I would not even hang a painting on the wall… wherever I arrived in a new place, I was ready to move to the next and I wanted to finish packing in 5 minutes… All becomes habits that I dont like to keep too much stuff and I dont buy souvenirs for myself  if I travel to new cities, I only buy the items that I will give away as gifts.

how this experience has impact my Barbie collecting?–even I know I wont make any move in the very near future (wow, NYC is the city I’ve stayed the longest, more than a decade now), I still dont want large collections, if it grows big, I will downsize it right away. and I certainly dont keep everything, if I bought a doll b/c I love her face, then, I put her outfits on ebay right away, or vice versa.

this week, I decided to find a way to sell off all of my repro dolls, as I purchased lots silkstone dolls last week. since my repros all have vintage sculpts, same as the silkstone dolls, I wont miss them if they leave me.

but its a tough task to find them new homes without losing too much money

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