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well-groomed hair

Posted by helen on April 30, 2011

Ken has just got a new haircut, it was too long, I cut a quarter inch shorter. now I am wondering if I should “shave” off his beard?

ken nicolai



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the 2nd dress

Posted by helen on April 30, 2011

even more boring! 

I am not against “simplicities”, but I look down upon the Media & snobs who worship a dress that you can pick up at Marshall’s for $39.99.

The hats are more eye-catching, the coat looks nice, well-tailored, the dress is loud & tasteless. good for a 13-year-old’s birthday party.  

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new features..

Posted by helen on April 29, 2011

wordpress added “writing hleper”, an usless new feature,   It allows  you to search old posts  and copy them, what kind of “helper” is that? who needs it? 

 once this feature was added,  my comment box was “closed”. it took me some time to figure out how to disable  “writing helper”  & have  the comment box back.

not all the new things are goo.

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door-to-door sales

Posted by helen on April 29, 2011

oh, wow, the salesmen are now doing lots door-to-door sales!!!  I should  have not opened the door for them, but I thought it was mail man. how did they get into this building at first place?! 

better learn my lesson, not to open the door for strangers.

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Royal Wedding Dress

Posted by helen on April 29, 2011

I did not watch the Royal Wedding, as I just knew the wedding dress would not be so “watchable” for me.  I looked through lots of Royal Wedding Gowns and  liked none of them. they might have cost  $$,$$$ & craftsmanship to make, but  the designs are boring & in  lack of creativities & freshness.

I turned  my  TV on  and saw middleton’s  dress this morning,   “plain & simple” just like the  British’s future Princess or  Queen herself.

the world is crazy & full of snobs,   isnt it?  if the dress were wore by your daughter, no one would have said anything nice about it.  if this is the best  a top designer could  come up with,  its better go back  to watch “say yes to the dress”.

I love Chelsea Clinton’s gown so much better. but she is not a royalty, isnt she?

 maybe my Barbie should steal it!

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simply Black

Posted by helen on April 27, 2011

plain & simple, no one pays compliments if the dress is on you, but its on Grace kelly.

what about white version?

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Steal that look —Grace Kelly in Real Window

Posted by helen on April 26, 2011

okay, this is my Trial version— the branches are hand painted, but they are way  too big, I”ll have to make it smaller when I “put it into production” — the production numbers are very limited, only 11 will be made. lol

Update: This is  Final !


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Fancy Francie

Posted by helen on April 26, 2011

my one & only Francie: (she needs new cloth, I am working on it)

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tokidoki vs Star Wars

Posted by helen on April 26, 2011

I am more than happier the “Tokidoki Vs Street Fighters” is now “out of stock”.

the star wars now begin:

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This is wild!

Posted by helen on April 25, 2011

I picked some wild vegetables in the field this afternoon.

Most of them are shepherd’s-purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris). they look so green & so lovely!!

okay, if you dont hear from me for the next 2 days, you may presume I am poisoned by these wild plants.

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