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No More Doll Stands!

Posted by helen on March 31, 2011

Mattel’s Happy Holiday Dolls will not come with doll stands like it used to, as its research shows most people dont take the dolls out of the box, so mattel presumed that a doll stand woulnt be necessory…

A plastic doll stand like mattel’s doesnt even cost 15¢ to make in China

Mattel’s researchers should have asked customers questions like this:
would you rather not have a doll stand  or would rather pay extra 50¢ to have a doll stand?

if Mattel didnt have to waste money doing these silly ressearches or fight Bratz,  each Barbie  Doll would  have a better  doll stand without adding any cost.

besides,  there are many better ways to save the cost,  for example, make the package smaller & lighter, it saves a  great  deal  both on  internation & domastic shipping.

the recent silkstone dolls come with large boxes, but the doll size remains the same, there is absolutely  no extra accessaories that  require  larger box,  as a mattel of fact, these dolls have less and less assessories.  Mad men, Russian Dolls… the packages size has increased by 33%. the postage? shipping a regular Silkstone doll from NY to CA via priority is around $8.12,  but  for larger boxes like they use now?  it’s $12.14. Mattel will add the cost to Dealers,  Dealers will add these extra cost to buyers, it doesnt help mattel to increase sales, doesnt it?

when it comes to international shipping, I am sure Mattel ships FCL (full-container-load), A 20′ container may can loload 7,800 pcs regular silkstone dolls, but only 5,200 silkstone with larger box. how much cost has been added to the doll?

 these holiday dolls? if they downsize  the bulky package by 33%,   the money they saved on each unit would be enough to make 1 dozen doll stand.

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