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Archive for March 25th, 2011

My Trophies…

Posted by helen on March 25, 2011

 I received another Debut doll from a Barbie collector, who requested  me to reroot & restyle the doll hair … How many debut dolls I have rerooted? I really dont know. 

when I lost count how many debut  dolls I have rerooted,  I got an idea that I’d keep their original ponytails  as my Trophies… see how many I have had now?  lol.. 

well, these “Trophies” will eventually go to Trash can if I am certain there wont be more debut on the way…

I sure helped Mattel with Debut sales… some collectors bought many extras so I could create OOAK for them.

here are some of the Debuts I have worked on, I wish I had taken photos of all the dolls I worked on, but sometimes I got lazy so I just let go of it without taking any photos.  the good news is,  more photos will  be added to this album soon! 


wow, aint you impressed?  lol

Purple Debut by Fashion Fever BarbiesLavender by Fashion Fever BarbiesBrunette Debut by Fashion Fever BarbiesPink Debut by Fashion Fever BarbiesCocktail debut by Fashion Fever Barbies

Green Debut by Fashion Fever BarbiesAA debut by Fashion Fever BarbiesRed Hair CC Debut by Fashion Fever BarbiesDebut AA blue hair by Fashion Fever BarbiesIMG_7839 by Fashion Fever Barbies

Twin Debuts by Fashion Fever BarbiesTwin Debuts by Fashion Fever BarbiesBlue Debut by Fashion Fever Barbiestangerine Debut by Fashion Fever BarbiesAA scarlet Auburn Debut by Fashion Fever Barbies

Debut Wine by Fashion Fever BarbiesDebut lime green by Fashion Fever BarbiesSunshine Gold by Fashion Fever BarbiesOrange by Fashion Fever BarbiesDebut Mahogany by Fashion Fever Barbies

Debut Torch Auburn by Fashion Fever BarbiesDebut Fuchsia Hair by Fashion Fever BarbiesIMG_0593 by Fashion Fever BarbiesIMG_0588 by Fashion Fever Barbieslemon & tangerine by Fashion Fever Barbies

CHAMPAGNE BLONDE by Fashion Fever BarbiesDebut Black & Flame by Fashion Fever BarbiesSouthern Belle Day & Night  by Fashion Fever BarbiesPoodle bangsSilkstone Debut Barbie

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black & white Friday

Posted by helen on March 25, 2011

I like the face & hair color of the “Teenage Fashion Model” Barbie, maybe I’ll get one from eBay someday, but I have no love for “my favorite Ken”, so he will not come home. here is their final chance being together before I break them up:

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eBay takes advantage of small sellers…

Posted by helen on March 25, 2011

If you have a limited selling history—90 days or less from your first sale, 25 or fewer sales transactions or $250 or less total sales since your first sale—or if you have a Below Standard rating in your Seller Dashboard, your buyer’s payment will first show as pending in your PayPal account. Funds will be available 3 days after eBay receives confirmation of delivery when you upload tracking information, or 7 days after your latest estimated delivery date if you don’t upload tracking but mark the item as shipped. If no shipping information is provided to eBay—you don’t upload tracking information or mark the item as shipped—funds will be available 21 days after the buyer pays.

holding  your buyers payment  up for 21 days?   ebay just wants to  use your fund without paying you interests.   eBay loves to  abuse sellers,  as if sellers are not  its customers but its enemies,   I wish eBay remebers the failure it had in China,  latecomer TaoBao.com  kicked ebay out of China & gave eBay no chance to return!

eBay tries to rip of sellers in every way possible,   TaoBao beats eBay’s greediness effortlessly. According to http://www.thomascrampton.com/china/taobao-china-ecommerce/:

…. Taobao was a relative latecomer to the market – founded by Alibaba in 2003 – yet succeeded in rapidly taking on, and humiliating, eBay in this market by adopting a ‘free of charge’ strategy to compete with eBay’s listing fee model. How then to make money?

The answer is advertising. Taobao’s traffic makes it (according to Alexa.com) already the 5th largest website in China behind Baidu, QQ (Tencent), Sina and Google’s Chinese site. Over 80% of Taobao’s c. USD 300 million estimated 2009 revenues came from advertising, mostly ‘pay for performance’ ads as well as ‘pay for transaction’ and brand advertisements. The remaining 20% of revenues were generated between commissions that Taobao charges on its new (launched in 2008) Taobao Mall – a B2C area within its C2C platform – and value added services for merchants. Of course not (yet) charging transaction fees means that the “take rate” of Alibaba – the revenue generated for the company vs. the GMV – is only c. 1% vs 7.9% in the case of eBay, but this also explains the rapid increases in the GMV and the barriers for other contenders to take on Taobao.

see how smart TaoBao is?  eBay is only  good at abusing sellers &  protecting buyers who are scammers like infamous Rimma Likover!

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