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Archive for March 24th, 2011

The Death of Elizabeth Taylor & the rise of Barbie doll

Posted by helen on March 24, 2011

one of the brightest hollywood stars died yesterday,  some people believe  its time  to cash in their Elizabeth Taylor dolls. 

I purchased my “White Diamond” Elizabeth Taylor doll at $19  last year… but I found this morning  her list price on ebay  is as high as $10,000.  

Okay, This auction sure gets some “publicities” here on my blog site, but do you really believe it  will cash in a single penny?  would it have better chances  if the seller said  “auctioning to raise money for  a brain cancer patient who has no  insurance but needs surgery ASAP…”  

Check out the $10,000 Liz doll, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l2557&item=160563357235&nma=true&rt=nc&si=O7CsvERdC20aFcN2uWVSeA8MDSs%253D if you wish to have safe  ebay transactions,   you should always  choose sellers who show  more  wisdom but  less greed

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silkstone dolls become more pricy

Posted by helen on March 24, 2011

the prices of silkstone Barbie dolls  soar up on ebay lately…

I am not sure what is happening, maybe the new silkstone dolls are boring but pricy, so people go back to look for the older ones?

since ebay will offer every seller 50 free auction listings each month after April 15th,  I predict many auctions will start at high prices since sellers wont have to pay insertion fees based on the items’ start  prices. bad news for buyers.

It took me long time to warm up with silkstone dolls, I didnt start collecting  them after July, 2009. I was luck to find many good deals on ebay, there are still lots highly-sought-after silkstone dolls I dont have,  I guess the chances to find them at reasonable prices in the future are slim since their prices keep going up every day.

the milk price  has also gone up a lot lately… so we cant complain about the doll prices. I only wish Mattel could come up with some great designs in the future so people can look forward and dont have to stalk the old ones on eBay.

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