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Archive for March 18th, 2011

more than a dozen Quirks

Posted by helen on March 18, 2011

1.  I am not obssessed with any dolls, they come and go as I please. 

2. I put no extra efforts looking for these highly-sought-after dolls,   I only buy the ones that fall into my sights,   I would not travel from NYC to NJ  for a Walmart Exclusive, but I would curse my community for not letting Walmart  set up stores in my neighborhood.

3. I am a busy blog reader who follows more than 100 blogs…  but no more than 4 blogs are  doll-related.

4. I make alterations on almost every piece of garment I purchased for myself including scarves. I do the same to my dolls. I have to fix these wonky eyes, messy hair, unfitted clothes…

5. I dont like doll house,  dioramas or miniatures..  As a matter of fact,   I  hate all the little extras and intend to get rid all of them if they come with a doll package. such as chairs, cups, tea sets, combs, etc. etc. ..including most earrings, bracelets & necklaces as well…

6.  Most of my dolls have nothing to wear, I either purchased them “nude” or didnt like their original outfits and sold them on ebay, then,  I am too lazy to make new outfits for them. these dolls are sealed in big boxes—“dust free”

7.  I am not a fan of any OOAK dolls,  most OOAK dolls are horrible to look at  under fluorescent light. these smudge facial repaints drive me nuts. why these “doll artists” cant even apply color paints evenly…

8. I know nothing about  vintage Barbies,  and I am too lazy to learn about them.    I like new things –I mean “freshly made things”, not something passed down from grandma. 

9. I dont have many expensive dolls, it is the low prices that motivate me to buy. even though, the monthly spendings on the dolls often make me broke.  its not  a  rare thing that I purchase more than 30 dolls within a month.

10.  You dont see me on these active free online doll forums, as they openly publish users’ IP & eMail addresses,  why offering online hackers helping hands to crash my computer?  I care for my privacy more than dolls

11. I dont know most of my doll friends that  listed on facebook, I accepted them as “friends” as they requested so. I “unfriend” them if they send me spams or often tag me in their doll photos that have nothing to do with ME –isnt it annoying  that  someone tagged  me in a photo of her “way out west” doll ? it happened I hate that doll!

12. I  can not bear to see screws on hinged doll elbows,  these  kinds of bodies are  not allowed to remain in my collections. they must go-either go to trash can or ebay.

13. I enjoy what I  can do to my collections, not what I have in my collections.

14. I have had more than 1,000 dolls, I remember how and where I purchased each of  them and how much I paid for them, but I can’t remember  how, when & why I sold them.  I often look for the dolls that are already long  gone.

15. I created 3 large Excel files to keep my doll records,  but I have not updated them for centuries.  

16. I have no idea how many dolls I currently have, 300 or 6oo? it  puzzles me.

17. except bathroom, every room including kitchen, has large numbers of dolls.

18. I dream as soon as I fall asleep,   but so far, not even a songle  dream has been  about dolls!

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