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Archive for March 17th, 2011

what is “Genuine Ken” promoting?

Posted by helen on March 17, 2011

Have you watched Genuine Ken reality show? I did not, but clicked on a few video clips on http://genuineken.com/

what  is mattel  trying to promo?  educating boys about romance or promoting  Ken DOLL? I would think promoting Ken doll is Mattel’s real business.

but there is NO such a great ken doll waiting to be promoted,  I presume  the Genunie Ken Reality show was designed for  audiences from age 18-25?   is there a suitable Ken doll for this age group?  Fashionista Ken is for girls under age 6,  Repro “my favorite Ken” seems great for Ken Contestants’  mothers or grandmothers who have nostalgic feelings…

If Mattel’s marketing strategists ask people:  “Did the show make you want to buy a Ken doll?”

I bet 99.999% of them would say “NO!” perhaps these “genuine ken contestants”  themselves would not buy one single Ken doll and they could care less if they’d get one as a gift after the show. one Video clip  showed  most of these “Great American boyfriends”  didnt know Barbie’s Full name.

“Genuine Ken” reality show wont help Mattel grow any sales or increase Ken dolls popularities.  its just another  way to waste some big bucks, exactly as  they did with the “Barbie Shanghai” store.

its better for a manufacturer to promo a product instead of a concept. No one knows what a great American boyfriend should be like, different boys for different girls, one’s great boyfriend, the other’s big enemy. but if you have a specific ken doll designed for your AD campaign, the doll may just deliver the message you want to convey…

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