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Archive for March 6th, 2011

should I buy another Victoria?!

Posted by helen on March 6, 2011

I feel like buying  another Victoria, so she can donate her body to Jane, who has hallow legs & a stiff body…

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its too hard to save up…

Posted by helen on March 6, 2011

massive spending again,   2 dolls from eBay, 9 dolls from Toy R Us Online.  did I say saving up? well, its too hard.   if BC offers Barbie or Ken Birthday sales, I bet I will be buying again. 😦

Coral doll has dropped to $108 on Amazon,  If it goes down by another $20, she is mine. lol

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do I enjoy to piss her off?

Posted by helen on March 6, 2011

you all need to read this thread!!   I suggestted the  buyer wait for a few more days as  the item may be misrouted by USPS, this lady immediately accused me as the “scam seller”   are you impressed when she said “if there is a SELLER who is trying to SCAM YOU into taking 1/2 the amount due to you, if you don’t report them, I will.  Just let me know” —isnt it rediculous that  a person who has no common sense wants to play  “Goddess of  the Justice ” ?! 


as a buyer, I have had a few bad transactions on eBay, but I am always reasonable. I had  a lost item, too,  I waited 4o days to file a dispute.  it was a “preferrably Pink” silkstone doll, it didnt show up after 40 days and I filed a dispute, the seller immediately sent a replacement.

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Birthday Card..

Posted by helen on March 6, 2011

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