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Archive for March 2nd, 2011

Nice shape, nice condition… blah!

Posted by helen on March 2, 2011

after a couple of bad transactions on ebay, I stopped buying , but I am still watching, so I came across this doll, the seller used  many “nice”s to describe the doll:  “Nice condition, Nice shape,  Nice… ” –everything about this doll is nice,  after I finished my reading , I didnt see a single word about the “Discoloration”,  are my eyes deceiving me? her upper body has turned into yellow,  hasnt it?   here is the pic from ebay, a bad picture, but you can still  tell the color differeneces, can you?  buy at your own risk!

By the way, the doll is Really Rosy Kayla, 9 out of 10 Really Rosy Kayla dolls  have uneven eyes. if the seller offerd a close up, you  probably would see this doll  has uneven eyes as well.  shipping for this doll is $7.35. 

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Ekaterina–2011 Barbie Fan club Doll

Posted by helen on March 2, 2011

she arrived early this morning when I was still in sound sleep. it isnt bad to start a new day with her.

with $99 price tag, she does not meet my expectation or standard. I love her hair color, her facial screening is fine as well, but her costumes are so CRAPPY!! it must be swen by one of the Amateuer sewers on BFC board, I would not pay $10 for such crappy work.
they are not lined, the neckline is a disaster, I dont know what shape it is, I guess its supposed to be round or overall shape, the sewer badly tortured it, apparently the sewer had no skills to sew smooth lines and keep the neckline in shape, its not symmetric! 2 darts on the front panel is supposed to be straight, but they slant to the left, and one dart is much longer than the other, again its not symmetric… when I look at such low quality work, I just lost interes in Barbie, and wondered if I was the only unlucky  one who received such badly made costumes. you see the excitment on BFC, many people opened photo thread showcasing this doll, is it necessary to repeatedly open up so many photo threads for her?  annoying If I were the mod, I’d shut all of them DOWN!  😀

She does not have pantyhose to match her fur outfits.

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