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Should you liberate your Barbie dolls?

Posted by helen on February 26, 2011

 A lady was auctioning more than one hundred Barbie dolls on eBay, all started at $0.99, apparently she  had no love  or  knowledge on these dolls , perhaps she never did ebay auctions before & didnt know how to attract bidders.  but  she stated in each auction that she was selling her late mother’s Barbie collections and she had zero interests in her mother’s doll legacy.. all of the dolls were NRFB (never removed from box), I could only imagine how much her mother loved these dolls, perhaps had wanted to take a few of them out of the boxes and played with them…  most of these auctions ended up at incredibly low prices.  It  was  so sad to see  that  her mother’s treasures were trashed in such a curel way.

Now lets go  back to the question many have asked so ofen “should I debox my dolls?”

 –if you are collecting the dolls for YOURSELF and you want them out of the box,  then, take them out  immediately and play,  life is short, the dolls are not going to Heaven with you, the person inherits your dolls later probably wont appreciate their beauty as much as you do now.

many collectors believe Deboxing means Devaluing,  What is the true value of your dolls? it is the enjoyment these dolls bring to you,   you dont have to torture yourself  by restraining yourself not to debox them when you really attempt to.

Speaking of the doll’s future value on the 2nd market,  keep this in mind: the value of  your  dolls  totally depends on your selling abilities,  the high prices you saw at eBay or Christie’s Auction House dont reflect the ture value of your dolls.  the question you need to ask yourself: Are you able to sell your doll at great prices?

2 weeks ago  someone offered $44 to buy an AA debut silkstone dolls from me,  since I  purchased this doll for $34 when it was on sale,   so I sold it to him, on the very next day, he wrote me an email telling me he sold this doll for $115.   Apparently he has great sales channels & rich customer bases  that you and I dont have.

another littel secret you may not know: many sellers are able to sell a nude doll at much higher prices than an intact doll with a perfect box.  Dont be surprised if you see one seller sold a nude Golden angel Barbie at $41, while the other seller couldnt sell an NRFB Golden Angel at $12 — its another evidence that deboxing does  not devalue your doll, your selling force determines your doll’s value.

I admire people who play Barbie dolls like Stocks,  not every one makes money in the stock market. If doll collecting is just an hobby, and you dont plan to re-sell, then, debox them if you want to & enjoy them to the fullest.


2 Responses to “Should you liberate your Barbie dolls?”

  1. Doru said

    I debox my dolls. I don’t want to sell any of them…I love each and every doll too much to part with them. And some dolls I think they are more amazing when you get them out of the box…especially the ones with big fluffy dresses..there so much more beautiful when you can see the hole dress. I think is so sad what that person did. Selling her mother dolls. She could keep them as a memorial to her mother. I always get so sad when I think what will happen to my dolls after I’m gone. Who will treasure them? It’s really a sad sad thing 😦

  2. dollsaga said

    It happens so often on ebay, I saw a husnband sellng her late wife’s collections, too. Its okay for them to sell the dolls, these boxes would take too much place, I m sure the fond memories live on even the dolls were gone. but I suspected if these family members had complained about their beloved one’s doll hobby when they were alive. such as theese dolls took too much space, too much money… 😀

    Doru, you think too much, I am not thinking what would happen to my dolls after I am ready to leave this world, I dont really care what their fate wouwld be as long as they make me happy when I am here. 😀 but I’d leave them to someone who loves them, or auction them and donate the money to children’s hospitals.

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