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Barbie at toy fair 2011

Posted by helen on February 13, 2011

I paid a short visit to Mattel’s Booth at toy fair,  not many collector Barbies but there are tons of playline dolls.

The doll I wanted to see most is the Francie Silkstone, she has a Barbie TNT face mold, not really a Francie? so I was a bit confused. but she is very pretty, she has a youthful face, wears school-girl-like outfits with white/red grid (plaid) prints. I did not ask for her retail prices.

4 Russion silkstones are on display, Verushka looks just like the Southern Belle. only the price is $115. I do not like Mila’s lower eyelashes, she looks strange. as always, the male doll isnt good looking. his outfits remind me of the Doorman in front of FAO Schwarz, NYC. Darya is another show girl, she is prettier than Mila.

There is a Museum collection I like, there are 3 dolls wearing gowns that inspired by 3 widely recognized oil paintings:
1. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
the doll’s expression captured the ambiguity of Mona Lisa’s smile
2. The Starry Night  by Van Gogh’s
I think the mid-night blue toned dress is pretty
3. Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimt
I like the style of her fashion, but not the quality of the fabric. Knitted stretch fabric plus glittering orgaza. I guess such quality is okay if the price is under $39.99

This collection is so much better than Landmark collection –I simply want nothing from Landmark.

she has the same look as the 1st “Hello Kitty”, only she has pink hair. her fashion & accessories are fun, but she has tattoos all over her body, since I have always Hated tattoos, so she is not for me.

Happy holidays 2011
this time the 2 dolls wear green/gold gown. the gown looks pretty nice, hope their prices wont go up too much

Barbie Basic 2.5
3 dolls, with Lea, Mbili & louboutin face sculpts, wearing Metalic tops and glittering jeans. since they are Basics, I dont expect they come with nice outfits. but this group has better outfits than 2.0 did. Louboutin doll has pale skin and platium blonde hair, she is quite a catch for me, the rest 2 have nothing new or special. the Accessory pack looks nice, a black satin jacket is something new for Barbie Basics.

Farrah Fawcett
doll was made based on a pin up. the doll is as ugly as these “I love Lucy” dolls, she does not come with articulated body, so her body sculpt probably will turn away some collectors who dont like her sitting posture

Couture Angel
this time a Brunette, she has a lara face, her face isnt as pretty as an angel should be. I think I like 2010 the blue couture Angel better.

Pillow Talk Giftset
 I dont like the look of Doris Day (doll)’s big mouth,  again I HATE the painted hair on Male dolls, so neither Doris nor  Rock Hudson will come home with me.

Elvis & Frank Sinatra Barbie
nice outfits, articulated body –I bet they will be more expensive than these Pop Life & Jazz babies?!

the rest dolls are already in the store. such as Twilight, Japan, opera house….

Since I dont have a Media Pass, I didnt break their rules and take pictures, the gentleman from Haute Doll took some nice pictures, you  may like to visit his flickr photo album


Playline dolls come with some  very nice outfits, but I almost stopped paying attention to any playline barbies, so I cant remeber what I saw. .. 


2 Responses to “Barbie at toy fair 2011”

  1. sandra said

    Excellent report Helen. I did saw MAW’s Flickr pics earlier. I actually like a lot of the dolls. I thought I was going to save money this year. I think there isn’t a Lea in the new 2.5 Barbies. I think the dark haired girl is the Goddess mold. She looks a little like Diwali. Really glad you got to go.

    • dollsaga said

      you are right, it is Goddess, not Lea, I meant goddess, but my fingertips changed it to Lea. as I was thinking Lea was popular but why Lea didnt make it to 1.5, neither to 2.5 😀

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