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Oscar Night

Posted by helen on February 28, 2011

I didnt really watch the Oscar ceremony, I left the TV on, but I was on my computer busy at something else.

Anne  Hathaway often is the best dressed star on the red Carpet. this is not her first time to wear red, she looks stunning

Barbie never really had a dress for Oscar, I think she would like to have this one:

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Twilight Barbie: Victoria

Posted by helen on February 26, 2011

she arrived early this morning. I never watched Twilight, and will never be a fan of any Vamp movies. I dont like her red eyes, so a little retouch changed her eye color to Aqua

and if you remeber her counterpart Jane from my yesterday’s postings

they both are Indonesia made, Victoria has 2-click bendable legs, most likely her legs will become sticky and sweaty–a big quality problem with Indonesia-made dolls. Jane has hallow straight legs, not bendable, but it prevents from being sticky later.  Jane’s body is cheap but safe.

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Should you liberate your Barbie dolls?

Posted by helen on February 26, 2011

 A lady was auctioning more than one hundred Barbie dolls on eBay, all started at $0.99, apparently she  had no love  or  knowledge on these dolls , perhaps she never did ebay auctions before & didnt know how to attract bidders.  but  she stated in each auction that she was selling her late mother’s Barbie collections and she had zero interests in her mother’s doll legacy.. all of the dolls were NRFB (never removed from box), I could only imagine how much her mother loved these dolls, perhaps had wanted to take a few of them out of the boxes and played with them…  most of these auctions ended up at incredibly low prices.  It  was  so sad to see  that  her mother’s treasures were trashed in such a curel way.

Now lets go  back to the question many have asked so ofen “should I debox my dolls?”

 –if you are collecting the dolls for YOURSELF and you want them out of the box,  then, take them out  immediately and play,  life is short, the dolls are not going to Heaven with you, the person inherits your dolls later probably wont appreciate their beauty as much as you do now.

many collectors believe Deboxing means Devaluing,  What is the true value of your dolls? it is the enjoyment these dolls bring to you,   you dont have to torture yourself  by restraining yourself not to debox them when you really attempt to.

Speaking of the doll’s future value on the 2nd market,  keep this in mind: the value of  your  dolls  totally depends on your selling abilities,  the high prices you saw at eBay or Christie’s Auction House dont reflect the ture value of your dolls.  the question you need to ask yourself: Are you able to sell your doll at great prices?

2 weeks ago  someone offered $44 to buy an AA debut silkstone dolls from me,  since I  purchased this doll for $34 when it was on sale,   so I sold it to him, on the very next day, he wrote me an email telling me he sold this doll for $115.   Apparently he has great sales channels & rich customer bases  that you and I dont have.

another littel secret you may not know: many sellers are able to sell a nude doll at much higher prices than an intact doll with a perfect box.  Dont be surprised if you see one seller sold a nude Golden angel Barbie at $41, while the other seller couldnt sell an NRFB Golden Angel at $12 — its another evidence that deboxing does  not devalue your doll, your selling force determines your doll’s value.

I admire people who play Barbie dolls like Stocks,  not every one makes money in the stock market. If doll collecting is just an hobby, and you dont plan to re-sell, then, debox them if you want to & enjoy them to the fullest.

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Twilight Jane

Posted by helen on February 26, 2011

Twilight Jane has got a new makeover


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getting cheaper & cheaper…

Posted by helen on February 25, 2011

when I was deboxing some Barbie Basic 2.0 dolls, I got a feeling that the doll stands were lighter, so I took a close look and found these stands dont have sealed bottoms like they used to–  the bottoms were left open—its just another way to lower the quality and raise the  price.  one little piece of plastic saved another few cents…. when the base is so light,  it just cant really hold the doll steady.

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Bond Girl: Honey Ryder

Posted by helen on February 25, 2011

she came from walmart online, I like her, although she has so little to offer: She doesnt even come with shoes, only a bikini set.  Her retail prices is $34.99,  Walmart offered discount since she wasnt moving, that’s when I picked her up.

I like her head sculpt.  its very modern just like these  high fashion models on the runway 

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another bad ebay purchase…

Posted by helen on February 25, 2011

I bought one yard fabric from ebay, the seller clearly stated its 44″x36″, but I only received 44″x19″,

its time to stop buying from eBay, I have run out of my good luck and started having trouble with all of these purchases. the bad news is, there are still 2 more shipments from ebay on the way, I dont know what would happen to them.

a large shipment from toys R Us will be here today, hope I wont have problems with this one.
its cold and raining outside. I feel as gloomy as the weather.

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Barbie: who should you wear?

Posted by helen on February 24, 2011

this is what Barbie should wear:

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this just came in from eBay

Posted by helen on February 24, 2011

the seller stated the doll is in mint condition, but when I opened the box, what a horror! I cant believe this happened to me.  I cant find the broken neck knob in the box, so I believe she was damaged before shipping.

she is supposed to be “Happy go lightly”  but my heart is so heavy!

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Barbie is ready to bankrupt you…

Posted by helen on February 24, 2011

Rumors have it:  there will be a silkstone bridal Grace Kelly doll, her price tag is $179.   she came with a  trousseau,  which is  $150.

 the silly  Tokidoki doll is $79.99 – sounts like a joke, but its pretty serious!

Barbie is truly a “high maintenance” princess  now.

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