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USPS Postage Calcualtor

Posted by helen on January 23, 2011

some websites are constantly changing  the  appearances. most of the changes are BAD, you’d think these web designers are just trying to keep themselves busy so they can hold their jobs, such as: eBay.com, Barbiecollector.com… the more changes they make, the harder  for you to navigate…

some websites make changes as they want to trick you up and make you pay more, such as USPS.com.  here is an example to show you the recent  changes on Usps Postage Calculator:

I am trying to send a 2LB- package from NY to AL,  the priority mail postage is $7.15, but the calcualtor only shows you  express mail rate  $26.35 , other choices are hidden,  unless you click  further, you will not see the regular rate.   USPS believes if they hide all the other economic choices,  some dumb people would just use the most expensive method to mail the package.


I am not the only one hates changes like this.


2 Responses to “USPS Postage Calcualtor”

  1. sandra said

    Thanks for the warning. I haven’t mailed anything out lately, but now I know. Ebay seems to always mention expedited shipping now. Maybe they want people to pay more because then the sellers will charge more and the ebay profit will go up. The bad economy causes companies to make bad changes that only benefit themselves.

    • dollsaga said

      eBay is CRAZY, it counts 1st class mail as “expedicted” and suggests to the buyers they will receive their packages within 2-3 business days—USPS clearly states it takes 2-5 busniess days for 1st class mails to reach their destinations. so when a buyer didnt get their packages within 3 days, they blame sellers and give them low ratings. seller did not make such promises, eBay put words into their mouths and messes things up.

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