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the changes on Kelly dolls

Posted by helen on January 14, 2011

the following  picture showing  you the “evolution” or “devolution” of the Kelly dolls. see the bodies? first, Kelly was 4″, then, she became 4.5″, now she is 5.5″  and she has legally changed her name to Chelsea.


19 Responses to “the changes on Kelly dolls”

  1. Sandra said

    Nice comparison!

  2. matt said

    i saw the new ones at walmart and almost got them. i might go back and get them.

  3. Yo said

    The old one looks like a 3 or 4 years girl, and the new one looks like 6 or 7.

  4. dollsaga said

    she only grows her legs, not her upper body, out of proportion

  5. matt said

    yesterday, i got the new Chelsie doll. i’m getting use to her.

  6. matt said

    whoever did that pic missed a doll. remember the “lemonhead” Kelly dolls from 2003?

  7. matt said

    yesterday, i filmed all 215 of my dolls.

  8. matt said

    i got another doll on st. Paddy’s day. i re-named her Ramona. she has her hand out like she wants something.

  9. matt said

    i got three dolls one day. i re-named two of them and ones a boy.

  10. Analee said

    I just bought the new Chelsea/Kelly Halloween dolls and they are weird. First, the hair is laquered; second, the costumes are not very interesting; third, the accessory is just cardboard. The facial features are really boring, too. 😦

  11. Analee said

    Yep, Target! Every year the Halloween dolls are a “Target Exclusive”. Last year they didn’t even have any Chelsea/Kelly dolls for Halloween or Christmas. I would have to look back in my collection, but I don’t even think that they had the holiday Barbie Mini b’s last year. I really enjoyed the one year of Barbie Peekaboo Petities!! I was able to buy all of those, so finally for once, I have a complete collection of one doll line MIP….yay! 🙂

  12. matt said

    i got about five of the Chelsea dolls. i re-named four of them. there’s Ramona, Dakota, Elle, and Heather O’Lawson.

  13. matt said

    does anyone here have the new Chelsea dolls yet?

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