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Archive for January 11th, 2011

malware: Scour.com redirect

Posted by helen on January 11, 2011

I had a terrible evening! my IE brower was hijacked by Scour Re-direct Virus. if you have not yet heard about it, here is  what WikiPedia has to say:

Scour Re-direct Virus Scour.com is now a virus re-direct site since November 2010. Original student founders of Scour.com (Vince Busam, Michael Todd, Dan Rodriques, Jason Droege and Kevin Smilakare; UCLA 1997) are believed to be responsible for the virus redirects to their site. Legal action against scour. com is being solicited from users who’s computers were infected with the student’s virus.

If affected, you will be re-direct to Scour .com whenever you try to open a new webpage.

Okay, I wish these bad scumbags will be  put  behind bars or pay large sum of penalty,  the  Scour . com should be shut down Immediately.  our computers  are our  private properties,  whoever  damage our private properties  and waste our time or money to fix the damages  they have  caused should go to prison.

I have been really careful with my web surfing, and I have been safe for nearly 3 years. but I knew this day would come.  so Today is the day

.  A “Fast Disk” program was installed in my computer as well, it kept popping up telling me my system had a fatal error, if clicking on “uninstall” , more popup windows came out and  new shortcuts were created…. it drove me totally nuts!

I didnt want to download any Anit-spywares to fix my problems.  I just believe many of  these free Anti virus programs are as bad as Malwares. you never know what you’ll get by clicking on  the “Download for Free” button,

It took long time to clean up the mess manually,  after things looked normal again, I updated my window operating system, installed Vista SP 2 and also upgraded my browser to IE 9 Beta!

Okay –I recommend IE 9 Beta,  I am not really used to the new look, especially the “home”  “Favorite” & “tool” icons are so tiny, they hide on the upper right corner. but IE 9 Beta is safer and faster.

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