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Archive for January 6th, 2011

eBay Products reviews

Posted by helen on January 6, 2011

it is very painful to read these so-called reviews on ebay, it seems most  people who wrote “products reviews”  absolutely have NO idea what “products reviews” mean. most of them would tell you they were mistreated by seller, others will tell you how wonderful their collections are except for what their opinons on the particular products they were  supposed to write reviews for. here is a good example:

Happy Holidays Barbie 2007
Review created: 12/05/10customer product rating 0 of 3 people found this review helpful.

I bought the doll because I trusted the seller to send me an undamaged doll for my grand daughter but I was wrong. Attempts to contact the seller fell on deaf ears therefore I sent negative feedback for the first time in 8 years of buying on ebay. I am saddened to have to break my 8 year run of no negative feedback. A short email from the seller would have solved the problem. I am more concerned about being ignored than the damaged doll.

it has nothing to do with the product itself. buyers use “products reviews” to express their anger or disappointment. it is WRONG, there is an eBay feedback system for that!

eBay is making simple things complicated, now everytime you list an item, eBay asks you to “Enter product information so we can find your product and add a description to your listing”, what will be added to your listing?? these nonsense REVIEWS. if you dont want to put your customers in BAD mood, skip “product information”, do not enter anything but write your own. otherwise, your customer may think you were the bad person who sold the doll to that poor grandma!

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the prettiest of them all

Posted by helen on January 6, 2011

I said my least favorite Barbie face molds were Superstar, oriental, Desiree…
here comes one of my favorites: Mackie. a perfect face nearly flawless

although I have many dolls with this face mold, I am still looking for a perfect Mackie with Raven Black hair, I have blonde & redhead I really like. I have not seen a black haired mackie that really captured my heart. I like modern facial screenings better, usually are the dolls produced after year 2004

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