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Archive for January 1st, 2011

PC Wallpaper

Posted by helen on January 1, 2011

I have a long history to offer peopel PC wallpapers , just not Barbie themed.

Time to turn a new leaf, here is your new desk calendar for this Month (Jan, 2011) , offer valid from Jan 1- Jan 31, 2011



oh, if you wish to downlad BFC’s Calendar, here it is


its always good to have choices, right?

offer valid to

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its new years day!

Posted by helen on January 1, 2011

have you read this funny saying:

Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to.                                                                                                                                                                                                     —-Bill Vaughn

So that’s the age differences. I  am reading some angry postings on BFC, a group of  adults hate new Playline Barbie dolls so much, and are frustrated that mattel designers dont listen to their “Opinions”!

playline dolls are aimed at age 3 to 12 year old children,  millions of kids worldwide are surveyed by Mattel every year to find what they like & dislike.  Not only marketing experts, many child psychiatrists also participate the surveys.  Playline dolls  have appeared selling well. the sales report decides  if changes are needed.  

so, if the designers  or marketing researchers have not asked for your opinion, that’s b/c you are outgrewn your innocence and on your way to be an old  grandparent.

its very much like you see a baby is liking  his bottle,  but you  yell  out  loud:  “I  dont like the taste of these formulas but I want to  buy them for myself,  heck, make them the way I LIKE!”  do you really expect  the factories will listen to you, they probably just suggest you see a shrink.

let the little girls  have some pink & glitter,  let them have the big headed princess… they are not for me, but I dont demand Mattel to make every doll the way I like. I had my days & my ways!

I really dont like this girl, but I leave her alone:

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fake it, cheat it, all about egos

Posted by helen on January 1, 2011

okay, so I just saw  it again, this person, who is  not really a skilled photoshop user —but  he likes  to  use photoshop to “dress up” his dolls then posts these  pictures on BFC & ITP Forum to fish compliments,  how does it get done? its easy, just use photoshop to “cut out” a dress you like  from any other pictures then  paste it on your doll pictures. I wondered if peopel really dont  know his cheap tricks or they know but still generously give compliments anyway?  “wow, that’s a pretty gown” “wow, you have the best collections” “hey, keep them coming, I love these  fabulous dresses & pictures” … so ridiculous!!

look, Teresa is faking it, too, where she gets this feather dress for this  new year eve?  I borrowed it from the dead McQueen!  does she look Fabubous?  😀

ego is such a bad thing.

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