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I dream of jeannie

Posted by helen on December 30, 2010

I try not to complain, but really, there are just too many “repo” type of dolls, here comes  another: “I dream of Jennie”

blonde, vintage sculpt…  dont you want anything different?


3 Responses to “I dream of jeannie”

  1. sandra said

    I have very many fond memories of this TV program but unless I received this doll as a gift I would not buy her. I think M is playing to the deep nostalgic feelings in Barbie collectors on a dual front. First, by making dolls of vintage and beloved TV shows, Barbie fans will can collect a new doll theme. What makes the dolls even more desirable is the vintage face. This is the face that the original little girls that played with Barbie will always love and remember. When you put these two things together nostalgic feelings are really stirred within. I think it is genius marketing and I think it is what many collectors want from the comments I have read at BFC. I think in the last few years the Models and similar lines put Barbie in the forefront of fashion and glamor. But there are other doll companies that do glamor and poseability and high fashion on a grander scale than M. I think M has decided to stick with vintage themes as those are the most requested by collectors. Unless the modern collectors start complaining and saying there aren’t enough modern offerings will things balance out again.

  2. dollsaga said

    great insight, Sandra! Target has put “my favorite Career Barbie” on clearance. its sad Mattel decided not to let Barbie compete with other fashion dolls on higher level but stay at where she was. these “Barbie collector” designers were all Barbie collectors before they started their careers at Mattel. it might be another key factor why these repros keep coming out. they are obsessed with Barbie’s past. it’s time to hire someone who doesnt know No. 1 Barbie or superstar barbie.

  3. Timmie said

    I just bought one tonight from Walmart for $35 bucks. So maybe its not the official dolls or what have you, but I have loved this show forever and I have always wanted one. So I was just so excited and happy to get it. Looks real enough to me and beats some online prices I’ve seen. Thus why I never bought one.

    But I do so love the show, and if this is as good as I can get it and afford it then I say, cool. 🙂
    Since I was born in the 80s, I never seen a doll that had a face like this that you could buy, so Im liking this older type of look for the doll. 🙂

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