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Archive for December 4th, 2010

a Gift-wrapping reward: $10,000

Posted by helen on December 4, 2010

see what big cash I have missed? I didnt know there is “National gift wrapping competition”, I could have won the grand  $10,000!!  day dreaming (this is the “day-dreaming” similey)


if you receive  my gifts without nice wrapping,  that’s b/c I am lazy.  

guess what was wrapped in these 2 roses? Rings! 

Paper  roses can be made of  any thin tissue paper,  Napkins, even Bounty paper towers!  anyway, if you need to have your Xmas or valentine’s day gifts wrapped, you can count on me–that is, if you live in my neighborhood and I am in good mood. 😀


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Who is Stealing the Spotlight?

Posted by helen on December 4, 2010

Both are nice girls,  if they go on the Red Carpet together, which one will be picked as better dressed?

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Posted by helen on December 4, 2010

The most talked about Doll arrived today, she is 10th Aniversary Silktone Tribute.

she doesnt “wow me”, but she certainly is one of the best Silkstones have ever made. 

her hairstyle is almost same as “Interview”,  I think she should have had a more fancy style.

I have seen the sample doll at Toy Fair,  I’ve always remebered the pretty color of  her Blue dress, it was so soft, so delicated–the pure and innocent baby blue,   I loved that color so much and  I immediately went to the fabric shops near the convetnion center  after I left the Toy Show, I did find a picec of satin that has the similar blue shade.  the mass production ended up in another blue shade, it has little bit more green & dust in it, its  kind of dull. 

the sample gown was made of Satin and organza, the gown I see now is made of taffeta, tulle & organza.

Overall she is a  very nice doll,  she will be well kept.

some Pictures to share with you:

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Barbie Shanghai

Posted by helen on December 4, 2010

many friends have been asking for pictures of the “Barbie Shanghai” flagship store,  I did take lots pictures, but some of them are corrupted, and lots of them have the image of our club’s  “Travel Doll” –she is a secret, I am allowed to show you her face  right now… so I cannot share these  photos until  next June or July before the convention.

here are a few remaining photos:

1. the pink wall

more than 870 pink dolls are displayed along the spiral staircase in the store,  noticed? they are all BLONDE with pink dresses.  There aint AA or Asian dolls,  dont you love the unison?  I said before if it was displayed in NYC stores, some crazy people might go to protest against “Racism”.

2. store has a large selection of women’s apparels and accessories, most of my pictures were corrputed, otherwise I’d love to show you these expenisve Coat & Sweaters.

Scarves have fine quality, made of silk, handbags are made of  Cheap sythetic materials (PVC),  they are good for Teenagers.  Shanghai ladies have a rule: any women over age of 30 should not carry a bag made of cheap PVC.  so these bags dont sell.  I am sure the Louis Vuitton store on the next block sells more handbags.

Playline dolls are sold so much better than Collector dolls, the collector dolls prices are nearly 3 times than they are in USA. An Athena doll was $100 in USA(sold out) , but she is $292 In Shanghai Store (plenty available).

3. home furnishings

There are some fun designs for kids, some stationaries like greeting cards, pen holders, piggy banks are cute too, not the best quality, but certainly the highest prices. I think they are great for Tourists, local people wont buy it, as the prices are 10 times higher than the similar merchandises in the other local stores.

6. Barbie Cafe

nice setting but high prices,  I did not spot a single customer.

the Store has the “Styled by Me” section for kids to design their own Barbie Dolls, same as we did in FAO  Schwarz NYC, the only difference is,  it cost $39 to style a doll in FAO Schwarz NYC,  but you need to spend at least $57 in “Barbie Shanghai” to have it done. 

okay, that’s all I am able to post now…

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