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9.11 –a day forver changed me

Posted by helen on September 11, 2010

the entire day i didn’t turn on TV, as I was afraid of seeing the flashbacks to 911.

if I were in the twin tower on that day, I would not have been alive today. 2 of my friends survived, both of them had experienced 1993 world trade center bombing in the basement and stayed alert after that.  Once the first airplane hit the building, they both ignored the voice from the loudspeakers telling them they were safe and should  stay at where they were,  they knew it was terrorist attack and   ran as fast as they could, Jen was on 108th floor,  she was able to get out the building safely. the other friend Lily took off her high heels and ran, she  was lucky enough to get herself a taxi…  I  thought they were both geniuses.  I knew nothing about “terrorist attack”, I would have listened to the instructions and stayed….

fortunately, i didnt work in the twin tower, but 20 blocks away. I was late for work on that day, got stuck on the E train… when I finally walked out of the subway station, I saws the  twin towers were burning… I thought it was strange,  but I didn’t  think of “terrorists”,  I ran  into my office, and shouted at my coworkers “what’s happening”?!  “terrorist attack! it must be Bin Laden” –I have always wondered why others knew it was Terrorist attack except me?

 we were trapped in lower Manhattan, all the subway trains & buses stopped running, no more cabs, either….  boss said we could go home, but how? I waited until 4 PM or 5PM when the subway started running again.

Life changed forever after that,  the world “terrorist” has alway been in my mind… shortly after 911, there was a blackout in east coast, I was on subway train when it happened:  all the lights went out and the subway train suddenly stopped without a sound, I immediately thought: Terrorist attack again!

I only visited ground zero once in the past 9 years, as 2 friends came to visit NYC and they insisted I took them there. I lost my camera there,  I didnt know HOW? the camera was in my backpack , it just disappeared without a trace,  the camera came with a remote control, I still have the remote control!  my friends and I were convinced ground zero was a haunting place, a ghost took my camera…

9 years have passed, twin towers have not re-risen. instead,  a mosque will appear. how ironic it is.


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