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Archive for August 17th, 2010

Dalmatian dog

Posted by helen on August 17, 2010

I got my barbie a dalmatian dog, better than honey.

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Barbie needs to eat & drink

Posted by helen on August 17, 2010

are you interested in Miniature doll food?   but I wasnt really into it even I knew it was pretty easy to make. Now its time to explore Barbie’s food world, see what others have made? they look so real & beautiful.

I dont know when I am going to try it, but I have everything I need:

so stay tuned and check back when I work out magics!

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who is Mulan wearing?

Posted by helen on August 17, 2010

it bothers me when desginers do not do research when they design costumes for these well-known characters.

Mulan lived in Northern Wei dynasty (386–534). the “Seceret Message Mulan” designed by mattel in 1997 wears a Modern Mandarin dress, the new style was based on Manchu women’s costumes (there are 56 ethnic groups in china, Manchu is one of them), improved by Shanghai Tailors & steamstresses in mid 1920s.

Today, you can hardly see a Chinese woman wear a Mandarin dress. Some restaurants in tourist area use it as their waitress & hostess’ work uniform. Mandarin Dress seems more popular outside China. it certainly is a mistake for a designer to think every chinese woman including Mulan wears Mandarin Dress.

a pic from ebay:

here is a Chinese aritist’s version of “Mulan” (photo credit: http://www.yiyuanyi.org/yc/tpq/200906/05_13650.html )

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