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Archive for August 13th, 2010

I inherited from Bush!

Posted by helen on August 13, 2010

Adviser: “Mr. President, your approval rating keeps going down!”

Obama: “Tell the Public, I inherited it from Mr. Bush”

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a rare face

Posted by helen on August 13, 2010

this doll has a rare face mold, “Italy” I sort like this face, if she gets a  modern facial makeover, she would be a striking beauty on the runway:

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Arizona immigration law & racial profile

Posted by helen on August 13, 2010

I am tired of hearing some lousy people claim the new arizona immigration law leads to Racial profile.

After 911, NYC police officers have the right to check subway riders’ backpacks.  

One day I was carrying a large shopping bag filled with Barbie dolls  after I had a shopping spree at Toys R Us . Police officers stopped me and asked to check my bag before I entered the subway station  

its their job and its for Public safety, I had nothing to complain. After they saw all the dolls, they laughed and said my little girl would be so happy, I told them I was the happy one: these dolls were for me–the big girl, not the little girl. I guess I could have played race card if I happened to look like a muslim?

if New Yorkers can bear with the new rules, so can the Arizonians. why make all the  fuss?

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Shut up, Bill O’reilly!

Posted by helen on August 13, 2010

stop attacking Barbie, bill o’reilly! why this old fellow has to  attack  Barbie Basics so very ofen., he keeps complaning Barbie’s dresses are too revealing  and its a bad thing for little girls to see! doesnt he know these Barbie dolls wear exactly what  little girls’ Moms & Aunts wear? gee!

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