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Archive for August 1st, 2010

Fair Trade

Posted by helen on August 1, 2010

Trading is an economic way for some collectors to expend or refine their collections. like any other type of trade, “Fair & Mutual Benefit” is the rule.

when you post an AD for trade, its suggested you check the prices on 2ndary markets, so you know the value of the doll you offer is comparable to what you want from your potential trade partner .

I read a post on Facebook early this week, someone felt so offended when 2 people told her that the doll she wanted was so much more expensive than the doll she offered to trade. she then started a war with these 2 people….

I then read another post on BFC forum, a person offers her “Toud De Suite” to trade for silkstone Breeze. Toud De Suie is $37 less than Breeze on eBay.

the same person also opened a thread in early May asking to trade NRFB Provencale OR In The Pink for CC or AA Golden Gala. the problem is AA Golden Gala can go as high as $880 on ebay, If you are lucky, you may get her at $575(eBay item 130415226187); NRFB provencale currently is $85 (see eBay item260639619463) NRFB In the Pink plus bonus ornament $160 (ebay #250667782603)

For the past 3 months, this person has kept bumping up the thread, I just dont see such a trade is fair. maybe she’ll find a trade parnter by Xmas when Santa comes along to help. I know there are a few people out there are annoyed to see this thread being bumped up again & again.

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Food & Culture

Posted by helen on August 1, 2010

If you are a “Barbie Fan Club” member, here is a little event you may like to participate:

Food & Cultures Gift Exchange

Explore world cultures with Barbie through Food: (the link wont work if you are NOT a BFC member)

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