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Black Barbie

Posted by helen on August 28, 2010

here is  the modern interpretation of the first Black Barbie, Mattel will not make this doll b/c Mattel doesnt believe it would make  enough sales.  but there are people who really like her.

I received a few emails,  asking if I could make one or at least make the costumes….

I finally decided to work on it….

Please Stay tuned  and check back soon to see the final results

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O’bummer guard dogs!

Posted by helen on August 27, 2010

The Logic of O’Bummer’s Guard Dogs  is simpe: if you dont support Obummer’s police, then, you are:

1. Racist & bigot
2. Stupid
3. Ugly
4. Hater

 When I didnt like Bush’s polices, no one jumpped out to attack me,  if I say one word about not liking O’bummers polices, those who worship him go mad like sick dogs. they are ready to bite,  it says a lot about the quality of  O’bummer supporters.  they are probably bunch of  crazy people who are under 30 , whose  brains have not yet fully developed. Read this:


well i thought i might buy some dolls from you but after reading your right wing political dribble on a barbie website I’m sick to my stomach. I’ll spend my money elsewhere. I don’t support racist bigots and i don’t think you should post political ideas on a barbie site. shame on you hater. It’s people like you that make me excited for the revolution.


who, is O’Bummer the one  gives you right to tell ME  what to post  & what not to post?  This is MY blog, I write what I want, not what you like! I could care less if anyone wants to buy my Junks! I dont make living by selling dolls. neither Barbie nor I need to market O’bummer’s guard dogs,  do they have credits?

Barbie is a hobby,  I can live without it,  freedom of speechh is my right,  I live with it!

Dont play race card with me! O’bummer’s father was black, his mother was white,  his stepfather and half sisiter are Asian.  which race  do you think  I am up against?!  speaking of Raciest, 95% black voters  voted for him and attack people who dont like his polices, who are the RACIST here?   if O’bummer  people didnt play race card, he would have never won presidency!

 you are Sick to stomach?  of course, all the o’Bummer guard dogs are sick.  madness make them feel the urge to bark at everyone who doesnt support O’bummer’s police. they want to silence  people’s  voices.  let me just put you on the Spammer list, so you can have time to heal your sickness, not only stomach,  each of your affected cell needs  a cure, and may O’bummber’s health care plan benefit you!

Revolution? a close minded person like you only adds deficit to the nation and make fool of yourself.,  you dont have brain  for “revolution”. you dont  know what Barbie does.  if you have O’bummer’s baitout money in your pocket,  then, go to buy some shrimps with Mr. O’bummer & Mrs. O’drama! 

Barbie has run  for presdient since 2000! you cant stop her from being involoved in political life,  leave her alone and get yourself a life!

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Travel Doll is in making….

Posted by helen on August 27, 2010

I am working on our club’s travel doll.   it’s very unfortunate that I am currently addicted to computer games, Barbie dolls are left aside. but I forced myself to turn off all the games and work on Miss Best’s Hair this evening.

when it comes to customize dolls, the most difficult part for me is Hair Restyling, not only I am in lack of imagination, and also I am in lack of techniques & tools.

our Miss Best was originally the Debut doll, she has thick bleach blond hair, I want to give her a updo, but I do not want to cut off her hair, its hard to make an updo with such thick long hair–you dont want to put a 20 LBS heavy bomb on the top of  her head, right?

I finally used some “Chinese knot” techniques.  lots braiding work, but it worked out great! Now I am waiting her hair to dry up, then, I’ll give her a new makeover as well! she is going to be a beautiful doll.

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design your own barbie

Posted by helen on August 24, 2010

of course, you are not really the desinger, but the “picker”, you pick what you like and put piece together to have your “design”, easy, isnt it? why not try out?


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swimsuits for Barbie

Posted by helen on August 21, 2010

Summer time, Barbie needs some swimsuits, yeah, old styled 60s 1-pc swimsuits!

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Barbie Montage

Posted by helen on August 20, 2010

I uploaded this video before, it looked awful, so I deleted, not sure if youtube compresses all the videos people uploaded.
I did some editing  and put it up again,  “something awful” is better than “something not there”, isnt it?


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what is right?

Posted by helen on August 19, 2010

I oppose  a mosque at ground Zero, you don’t have to educate me about constitutional rights, I have US constitution saved in my computer, I read every word of it.

it’s not about your constitutional right but morally right!  Should we  shed pig blood and have  pork eating competitions  in front of the Mosque & Muslims?   is it a great way to exercise our  Constitutional rights?

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Red Mermaid

Posted by helen on August 19, 2010

I was asked to make this dress, based on one of Robert Best’s sketches: Trend Setter

I dont think this dress sets the trend, but it wasnt easy to make it, I thought a mermaid dress needs flowy light-weighted fabric, apparently it was  not a great choice,  the fabric is too delicated to work on.   now I am thinking  I should have used thicker Satin– b/c it could give  the skirt  more structures and it would open up more at the bottom

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Flashdance Barbie

Posted by helen on August 18, 2010

Flashdance Barbie will go on sale on Aug 25th, if you are interested:


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Dalmatian dog

Posted by helen on August 17, 2010

I got my barbie a dalmatian dog, better than honey.

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