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Posted by helen on July 17, 2010

oh, boy! did I have fun winning on eBAy this afternoon? an eBay seller was selling more than 50 loose silkstone dolls, she decided to hide the dolls’  identities and offer blurry pictures for all the buyers to play guessing games.

there were 3 lingerie No. 1 in the bunch, but I didnt win any of them, the lowest price was $44.  the highest went up to $68

there were a re-dressed Ravishin in rouge, I tried to snach her, but her price went up to $44,  I gave up. b/c I wasnt 100% sure if she was RIR, the pictures were so small & out of focus.

I did not win the 2 “Continental Holidays” Dolls I wanted, what a pity! one ended  up at $23,  the other $28.

but I did win 4 other silkstones.  I am leaving for cleveland on tuesday. it looks like I will be bankrupted this month.

I believe the 4 dolls I won are:  Lingerie #3,  Fashion Designer, Model Life & Fashion Insider Ken.  until I see them in person, I really dont know what exactly I have won.

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