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OOAK Silkstone: American Girls

Posted by helen on June 28, 2010

these 2 dolls were originally “Continental Holidays” & “Market Day” Silkstone dolls.  they are not mine, their owner asked me to make them look like American Girls, so I followed her orders, here are the new looks:


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helping hand of god

Posted by helen on June 27, 2010

apparently Maradona got another helping Hand of God today. the offside ball was allowed, it put Mexicans in bad mood. the game could have been more watchable if the mexicans were not discouraged by the referee’s mistake. they did paly better in the 2nd half ,but it came too late. I really dont care who wins or who loses, I only want to see a … See Morequality game that both team offer their best for audiences to see. we all know the uncertainty of soccer games–a technically better or stronger team is not always the winning team, a team with high spirits wins. the Referee killed the spirits of the Mexican team.
life is unfair sometimes, its really hard to keep cool when you are mistreated.

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new arrival–fashion editor

Posted by helen on June 25, 2010

here is my fashion editor. she didnt come to me with her original outfits, so I made her this little cocktail dress, which is perfect for summer season.

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Steal that look!

Posted by helen on June 23, 2010

I am not a fan of 50’s or 60’s fashion, but Barbie & her fans are, they made these Mad Men Barbie dolls so popular!  I stole this fashion from Betty Draper for my Barbie Girl today, I hope she is happy with it.  only I am too lazy to make handbags & gloves. besides that, the original dress looks like fully lined, I didnt bother to do lining, either–after all, she is a doll.

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Patriotic Dress for Barbie

Posted by helen on June 23, 2010

Celebrates July 4th with passion & style!

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Barbie goes mad again: peggy olson

Posted by helen on June 21, 2010

I wasnt intersted in making another Peggy olson dress, but a couple collectors who missed out my previous eBay auction wrote to me asking if I could offer the dress for sale. The dress looks simple, but it takes a lot of work, as it has trims, bows, buttons, round collar, every step takes lots time, see these tiny bows? I swear I could make one within 2 minutes if its for my dress, but if its for Barbie, it take me at least 10 min to make one, they are just too tiny, it has to be hand stitched.

so here comes the dress again, if anyone out there is curious about it:

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Double Yolks!

Posted by helen on June 21, 2010

First day of the Summer, guess what kind of luck I’ve got?

I cracked this egg right into a frying pan (I  dont like to wash extra bowls or dishes, so I dont break eggs into a bowl first),  wow, 2 yolks!! did I just killed twin chicks?  what the old Chinese folks would say about this?  double happiness?!

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“Buy More, Save more”

Posted by helen on June 20, 2010

BC is offering “buy more, save more” –$15 off on orders over $100, check out:


I tried to order a couple of dolls but only found there were no savings for me at all.   as BC charges NY Sales Tax both on Merchandise and Shipping & handling.   $15 discount doesnt help me at all, if I buy from local stores, I dont pay Shipping & handling and the sales tax on Shipping & handling.

 for me, the best place to buy doll is still eBay. it offers the best deals.

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doll hair restyling –spiral curls

Posted by helen on June 20, 2010

I am making a doll for “Swap Party” at the barbie convention in July. I chose a brunette doll with super long hair for Swap. I rerooted her hair 3 years ago, then, she was left in the dust and fogotten.

her hair is messy, I decided to restyle it, Spiral curl would be the easiest thing to do.

if you have not tried, here is how: use straws or cotton swabs as rods, then, roll up the hair and fix it with pins. dip the doll head in boiling water for 30 seconds, let the hair air dry. that’s it.

now, I am waiting for the hair to dry up.

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not a pleasant day

Posted by helen on June 19, 2010

its not a pleasant day for me: My head is aching, 2 feet are swelling, I dont know what is going on inside my body… but I am tortured

there was no pain on feet yesterday, now, one foot is aching badly–this foot was injured 10 years ago, it has never fully recovered–when you are ancient, you have old wounds.

I often have headache b/c of low blood sugar, usually, the pain would stop soon after I consume some sweet juice, but today is different, it’s been bothering me all day long. nothing works.

It was suggested I put my feet higher than my heart, so I put 4 pillows under my feet when I slept last night, it did work! when I got up this morning, my feet looked smaller, the nasty swelling went down a lot, but only a few hours later, it all came back. how annoying is that?! I think I’ll put 5 pillows under my feet tonigt.

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