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how to remove the green stain on your silkstone dolls?

Posted by helen on February 26, 2010

got a green-eared silkstone doll? dot worry,  the following steps will help your doll recover.

1. buy a little tube of  “Acne Treatment Cream” (at least contains 10% benzoyl peroxide)  in pharmacy store or discount store (cheaper at discount store, 0.99 or 1.99/each)

2. cleanse  your doll’s ears with water, make sure no oil or dust attached on your doll

3. cover the green area with a thick layer of Acne cream

4. heat up your doll, you may put it  next to  a turned-on  60 Watt  bulb (use your desk lamp) make sure your doll’s head warm up. check after a couple of hours,  if the green color has disappeared, your job is done! otherwise, remove the Acne cream and apply a new layer of Acne Cream, repeat  step 4.

The trick is, you have to keep the doll warm during the entire process.

please dont leave Acne cream on your doll for too long,  as soon as the green color fades, wash your doll’s ear with soap and water,   dry up with clean towl.

my Interview had green ears, she has fully recovered and now has healthy ears just like other dolls do.

[b]If  it is  a  vinyl  doll , Tarn-X® Tarnish Remover  would works. but I have not tried out yet [/b]


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My No. 1 Barbie

Posted by helen on February 24, 2010

I am stilll not into vintage Barbie, only I am showing more interests. I have never seen No 1 Barbie in real life, and I am sure I cant afford to buy one as well.

I had fun this evening making my very own No. 1 Barbie, she is a brunette. I need to make her costumes tomorrow:

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A day for Barbie

Posted by helen on February 23, 2010

Barbie Day

come to join us the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Barbie Fashion Model(BFMC) Collection

A great opportunity to meet your local Barbie collectors, and check out a must-see Exhibition “10 years in the making of silkstone” at FAO Schwarz

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Doll shows

Posted by helen on February 23, 2010

if you are interested in attending some doll shows, here is a website has all the info
nationwide doll show schedules

if you live in NY as I do, here is the link:

I would like to go to

18th Annual NY Fashion Doll Show
Barbie Goes to New York Doll Show

Saturday, April 17th, 2010 ~ 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Mill River Manor Hotel
173 Sunrise Hwy., Rockville Center
Admission: $5.00
contact: 941 751 6275

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50th Anniversary Glamorous doll

Posted by helen on February 22, 2010

I regret that I didnt buy the 50th Anniversary glamorous AA doll, now she is out of stock everywhere. I think she is a nice doll, so I decided to buy her from eBay.

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why are they still watching?

Posted by helen on February 22, 2010

it confuses me so many people watch closed ebay auctions.

I auctioned a doll, it had 34 watchers when the listing was live on ebay, now the auction has ended, there are still 26 watchers. item is One-of-a-kind, if its gone, then its gone forever, no chances for 2nd offer or relisting. so why are people still watching?

one of my acutions closed 30 days ago, there are still 7 watchers. I dont get it at all.

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Court TV & Barbie’s next career

Posted by helen on February 22, 2010

I watch too much Court TV, I think it has negative impact on my life… especailly the “husband-killed-wife” stories.

Barbie’s next career should be a cool-headed & sharp prosecutor…. has Barbie been a lawyer? I dont know.

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My Scene, My thing!

Posted by helen on February 20, 2010

I found some my scene dolls in my kitchen–haha, I didnt cook them up! these are early My scene dolls, their facial makeup is rather simple, maybe I should give them new makeovers my scene dolls are good at playing fairies. should I make a butterfly fairy for this spring?

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lashes or no lashes?

Posted by helen on February 19, 2010

the recent trend is no lashes. landmark barbie, christian louboutin barbie… they all have no lashes.

take a look at this doll, one eye has lashes, the other eye has no lashes, which one do you like? ^_^

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Barbie at Toy Fair 2010

Posted by helen on February 15, 2010

This fair has a little bit more traffic than last year’s.

I spent very little time at the fair, as I am more interested in the shops near the covention center than the toy fair itself.

I paid Barbie a visit at Toy Fair

There are a few new dolls at Mattel’s booth.
1. 4 Barbie Basic dolls. they are cute, but not the best looking dolls if yo mix them with the first 12 Basic dolls. Instead of Jersey, the black dresses are now made of Nylon, still low quality fabric. if you want to wear a Black dress, make sure you wear a quality one: style, cutting, fabric, workmanship, everything should be perfect… same rules apply to your business suits.

2. Wizard of Oz™ Vintage Assortment: they are very nice, I would buy Doroth and Glinda. the witch doll has greenish skin tone, I probably wont buy her, I would rather have her in pale white skin tone.

3. Happy Holiday Dolls: red glittering top with full white skirt. pictures are not allowed, but BZ posted a group picture in her photo album, Holiday Dolls are displayed above the Wizard of Oz™ Vintage Assortments. I like the AA dolls, but the facial screening of the CC doll does not appeal to me.

4. Bond girls: I am planning to buy the Halle Berry Doll, but the shape of her face looks strange, it is very much a “Diamond” shape, the doll isnt as pretty as the actress. she may look much better if they change her hair style. I will buy Octopussy as well, as her facemold is sort of special

5.Repros, Pop cultures & 80s: they not my cup of tea. I ignore them.

6. silkstone: 4 on dsiplay. 3 palm beach dolls: swimsuit, breeze and coral. I like Swimsuit & coral, Breeze doll doenst meet my expectation. Her makeup is pretty dark , in different shades of blue, the colors match her loud Caftan– but all blended together, it looks pretty busy, nothing stand out. the facial screening is not as pretty as the other 2. if this is the final production, I give up on her.
the other one is supposed to be Silkstone’s 10th Anniversary doll, she is very pretty, light blond hair, light blue eye shadows, pale pink lips, she wears an aqua blue satin gown with sequins & chiffon ruffles. very soft pastel colors. I think her price would be more than $150. pictures are not allowed, I took a long shot, and was totally a failure

7. landmark dolls: they are very photogenic, but if you see them in person, you’d be less impressed, again, cheap fabric was used to make these gowns. I dont undertand mattel, fabric really doesnt cost much, why not choosing better fabrics? also, it may be a new trend, these dolls have no eyelashes. neither painted nor rooted, they have no eyelashes.

8. Christian Louboutin: 3 dolls are on display. I liked none of them. the skin tone looks strange, like they had too much drink (you know some people’s faces turn into red after drinking) I dont like their costume design either.

9. Couture Angel: she reminds me of Carter Bryant’s Grand Entrance.

10. I love Lucy: gosh, Lucy is getting uglier & uglier. the “Lucy is Envious” Kelly set looks scary, the noses.. terrible

11. dolls of the world: nothing new, only saw Italy & russia

12. I was hoping to see a silkstone Ken doll, but not even a sign of him, no sugar daddy, no spicy brother, no cool dude… nothing!

there are too many playline dolls on display, I have not kept myself updated with playline, so I cant even tell which ones are new, and which ones are already in the stores…. Barbie loves buzz, Barbie loves Aliens, Made for each other…. sorry, I dont remeber.

I also visited Tonner & other doll companies. tonner’s Jacob doll looks much better than Mattel’s

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