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Lucy doll

Posted by helen on September 27, 2009

just saw this Lucy Liu doll—she is not a Barbie doll (made by Jakks Pacific), but she is cheap. should I get her?

I dont like her body, she has mold-in white panties. I am wondering if her head can be switched to Barbie’s Model Muse body?

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Girl in Gold

Posted by helen on September 27, 2009

I dont even remember I had this doll. she was cheerleader Lea, now on Model Muse Body. she is in Gold to celebrate Barbie’s 50th Anniversary.

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Black, White & Racist!

Posted by helen on September 27, 2009

For people who accuse me as a racist, I have a statement to make

I have tried both White chicken & Black Chicken, and found they acutally tasted the same. but the prices are not the same. this world is not exactly “Fair & balanced”.

Photo Coutesy of http://Apartmenttherapy.com

Black Chicken are much more expensive–it is a simple turth, it seems no one gets upset about it.

but when I say all the AA Dolls are $2 less than their CC counterparts in my local stores, this is also a simple truth! but … wow, guess how many people get upset? again, I am accused as a racist even I didnt price the dolls in my local stores.

by the way, no so long age, TRU put AA Debut on sale, the CC was not on sale.

merchants follow the marekt trends, they are not afraid of being accused as “Racists”, neither am I.

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my favorite flowers

Posted by helen on September 26, 2009

there are many flowers I love, here are a few of my favorites,

Hibiscus (China Rose)
my birth flower, the flower blossoms in late October & November. the flower changes its color. new blossoms are in white, the color then changes into pink, then into red, finally, the flower fades away…
there were so many Hibiscus tress in the city I lived when I was a child. I miss them.

White Lily

My brother and I used to climb mountains to search for Lily flowers, we had so much fun. the lily bulbs are edible. oh, they taste sort like potato!

Spider Lily
when I first saw this flower, I was amazed by its beauty and bright color! I didnt know its name, but finally found it in a book

the most beautiful Poney flowers bloom in Shanghai Botanical Garden!

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Golden Dragonfly

Posted by helen on September 26, 2009

I love Dragonflies as much as I love butterflies. they are beautiful creatures.

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dream sale…

Posted by helen on September 23, 2009

I have been riding emotional rollcoasters for the past weeks. and I have this fearful & uneasy feelings, I cant expalin where they come from, I feel somehting bad will soon happen to me…
I am terrified. I am depressed.

the Barbie Dream Sale cheered me up a little bit. I ordered some dolls I wanted, I really wanted Hard Rock Cafe, but she was expenisve. During dream sale, she’s a little bit over $34, so I got 2 of her.

Mattel made a mistake on Aphodite’s Sales price, she should be $70, but she was $41 early this morning, I ordered one extra–I ordered one before, strange things happened as well, I did not requested “installments”, but they only charged $68. the invoice shows $40 unpaid balance, I dont know when they will charge me for another $40. maybe Aphodite is my doll as well. I really love her.

I got all the dolls I wanted, expect for Show girl, she was already out by the time I placed my order.

still, I am feeling so empty. can Barbie really save me?

this is the new doll I’ve got from eBay, I made a red dress for her:

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“I Love Lucy” Santa Fred Collector’s Doll

Posted by helen on September 19, 2009

well, he is up for sale at walmart.com, but the web says he’s already out of stock. you may check back often and see if he is available again!
Santa Fred

the doll probably will be availabe in Oct, Walmart updates its website at 10:45PM PST,(EST1:45AM) do you want to stay up and check on him everyday? well, santa will be so touched..

anyway, Santa Fred isnt my doll, I’d never pay $1000 for him at ebay. its insane

The doll was available for sale online on 9/30/09, here is a live picture someone posted online:
click here for live picture

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Stunning in the spotlight

Posted by helen on September 15, 2009

I am so looking forward to having this doll, I think she will be available in Oct. I made this clock this evening:

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Lisette goes green

Posted by helen on September 12, 2009

Here comes my Lisette:

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Posted by helen on September 11, 2009

Pailnful memories. but I am thankful that I am alive…

Annie (with blue top) & I on 9/11.

we were nervous when we saw twin towers on fire, then, the third plane hit the Pentagon, the forth plane crashed in Pittsburgh.. all the buses & subways stopped running… Annie thought we were trapped in Manhattan and would die, so she cried… Now Annie is a proud Mom of a baby boy…

8 years have quickly gone by… the memories never fade away.

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