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filing a dispute with paypal

Posted by helen on June 14, 2009

45 days have quickly passed by, I did not get the silktone doll I purchased on eBay. this is the very first time I tasted the bitterness of ebay after more than 600 transactions.

I am not sure if Payal will refund my money. if I had used credit card to make this purchase, I’d have my money back, but I used paypal funds.

The seller said he sent out the doll on April 27, and had a receipt to prove it, but he was not able to offer a tracking #, a receipt only proves he went to post office, but could not prove the item was sent to the right person at the right address. I have found at least 3 ebay sellers worte my address worng, but they had tracking numbers, so I checked the package status online and went to post office to claim them. once a great seller didnt write street # on the shipping label, it was just unbelieveable!

In this case, I got a feeling the seller probably didnt write my apt. #, the mail man then got lost . It happened before.

the seller said I didnt request Tracking #, heck, I didnt have to, it’s the seller’s responsibilities to prove the delivery.

l’ll wait and see how paypal handle this case, if I dont have my money back, then, I’ll never use paypal fund to make ebay purchases, I’ll use credit card.

One Response to “filing a dispute with paypal”

  1. Karen said

    How frustrating. I hope this situation has resolved itself. I’m a seller and buyer so I can relate to both sides. When a buyer notifies me that their package hasn’t arrived, I email them a photo of my receipt, showing the date, time, city and zip destination as proof. I don’t use tracking #s. In the future, if your address is tricky, point that out to give sellers a heads up.

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