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new Barbies

Posted by helen on June 19, 2009

I went to Toys R Us & saw many New Arrivals, I felt sad that all the new Barbies started at $49.99, up to $109.99

there are 2 2009 Holiday Barbies, 1 blonde CC, 1 brunette AA, I am 100% sure the Blondie will be on sale after 2009 Holiday, probably only $12.99 somewhere like “Amazing Savings”. she has BHS, which many collectors dont like, her face screening really isnt so pretty. The AA looks better than CC, but AA’s facial expression is very serious, she is not ready for happy holidays.

“I love Lucy” –“the Ballet”, well, I dont like her!
“Harley Davidson” she is also $49.99 at TRU
Pop lifes are $59.99

b/c these dolls are so expensive, I bought one more debut from Amazon. com, as she is only $36.99 at Amazon plus $4 shipping, the price is still $10 lower than these new vinyl dolls.

I wont buy any dolls before Barbie convention.

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filing a dispute with paypal

Posted by helen on June 14, 2009

45 days have quickly passed by, I did not get the silktone doll I purchased on eBay. this is the very first time I tasted the bitterness of ebay after more than 600 transactions.

I am not sure if Payal will refund my money. if I had used credit card to make this purchase, I’d have my money back, but I used paypal funds.

The seller said he sent out the doll on April 27, and had a receipt to prove it, but he was not able to offer a tracking #, a receipt only proves he went to post office, but could not prove the item was sent to the right person at the right address. I have found at least 3 ebay sellers worte my address worng, but they had tracking numbers, so I checked the package status online and went to post office to claim them. once a great seller didnt write street # on the shipping label, it was just unbelieveable!

In this case, I got a feeling the seller probably didnt write my apt. #, the mail man then got lost . It happened before.

the seller said I didnt request Tracking #, heck, I didnt have to, it’s the seller’s responsibilities to prove the delivery.

l’ll wait and see how paypal handle this case, if I dont have my money back, then, I’ll never use paypal fund to make ebay purchases, I’ll use credit card.

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when to grab & when to wait?

Posted by helen on June 11, 2009

When it comes to Barbie collections, I do have a “wish list” , but I dont have a “Must-have” list, that have helped to save $$$.

most of my dolls were purchased at fairly reasonable prices. I usually wait for sale if the doll is released to mass market, like happy holiday dolls, my happy holidays dolls are all under $14.99.

there are some dolls such as platinum dolls, online direct, if you like them, you’ll have to grab them without placing hopes for a sale. but sometimes, they do go on sale.

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supergirls are on sale, philipp plein isnt cheap

Posted by helen on June 11, 2009

super hero barbies are on sale! all I can say is “I told you so!” prior to their release, collectors had some discussions on bc forum, some believed these dolls will attract not only barbie collectors but also DC comic fans to buy them, so they would be sold out quickly. I just knew they would be on clearance shelfs. yes, they are now!! sorry, I still dont want them.

the other news is the Philipp Plein barbie is priced for $385-$400, you may view pictures here:

I will not pay $385 for this doll. Barbie is a barbie, she’d better be more approachable, not to play “high maintenance”. on the other hand, if she does want to be priced $385, then, she’d better match up the quality with the price. a dress like this isnt worth $385. it’s technically easy to make.

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Pop life

Posted by helen on June 4, 2009

I went to TRU this evening and saw all three newly released Pop life Barbie Dolls, they look worse than they were at Toy Fair, I probably will get the steffie-faced doll and skip the other 2, their outfits really belong to playline dolls, cheap material and poor quality just cant compare with last year’s Jazz babe

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Barbie, the soulmate

Posted by helen on June 3, 2009

economy has its ups & downs, so is our personal journey.

I have hit the bottom low and am quite depressed for not knowing what the future holds for me. Barbie is the only one who is giving me the comforts & hopes I need to go on. when I make a doll or a doll dress, it not only relaxes me, it also boosts my confidence, makes me see what I am capable to do, and how well it can be done. Of course. Barbie’s colorful wardrobes & succefful careers are also reminders that life is beautiful and the sky is the limit–you can reach as many goals as you want to & live the life you have always dreamed for.

every of my doll has a soul, as I put a part of my soul in her.

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see myself…

Posted by helen on June 2, 2009

I bought a doll magazine in BN bookstore, and found myself in it! oh, the magazine didnt have any stories about me to tell since I have never told them any, lol, but a photographer caught me browsing in the BloomingDale’s, admring their Barbie Displays in March. I probably spend too much time Barbie hunting, so, it’s not a surprise if a photographer catches me in any NYC stores that carry Barbie dolls.

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