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Deirdre of the Ulster

Posted by helen on January 7, 2008

This nasty woman at BFC  forum said Deirdre was not my doll since my first experience with Times Square TRU wasnt pleasant,  the Store does not allow customers to see the doll,  you get a sealed box wrapped with white paper.  so I got this doll with one big eye and one small eye.   I wasnt happy with the doll and  got more upset when I read this woman’s post.

To show this woman Deirdre is more my doll than hers,  I went back to TRU and bought 12 of her! if the LE 999 was true, hey,  I bought more than 1%! not only she is my doll, she is my fortune doll as well!


4 Responses to “Deirdre of the Ulster”

  1. stacy said

    lol, how funny. you really bought 12? how much were they, if you dont mind me asking?

  2. dollsaga said

    I frist bought her at $99 then, I used coupons, her price dropped to $89

  3. helen said

    I probably have had more than 12. lol

  4. helen said

    okay, this was a Mod (non-mattel employee) of BFC’s response when I said the doll has quality issue:

    It sounds like you’re quite upset and you’ve put a lot of time and energy into this.


    No doll is ever worth my time, if I feel I cannot purchase it with relative ease, if I feel I have not been treated with dignity & respect by the store reps, and if I don’t like the quality of the product.

    It sounds like on all three fronts you were dissatisfied. Perhaps Deirdre just wasn’t worth your time. She may be a platinum edition doll, but she’s still just a doll. There will be hundreds of other dolls that may make you happier.

    “no doll is ever worth my time” –so how much is this woman’s time worth? does she earn $500 per hour? the doll is not worth your time, but its worth your time writing such BS?? how much ego do you earn out of this?

    I HATE people who can not focus on the dolls, but have to switch the subjects & “edcuate” how you should be, what makes you think you are qualified to be my Life-coatch? the numbers of bridges I have crossed are more than the miles of the road you have traveled. gee.. lol

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