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The new girl on the block

Posted by helen on August 4, 2014

Isnt she a sweetheart?!




she is the  “Barbie Fairytale Magic Ballerina Lea Doll”,   she reminds me of Blair from the “12 Dancing Princesses  and the old days that all my dolls were under $20.

oh,  I have the retired  Ballerina  Lea from 2012:

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New releases: Double Date & Brunette Skipper

Posted by helen on July 30, 2014

This is a giftset  called “double Date” (release Date: 7/30/2014) $100

Use Coupon code: NASHVILLE to get $25 off!! (expires on Aug 4th, 2014)


the question is: Are they on Date or on Duty? oh,  these boring swimsuits,  can their designers dig the “vintage closet” a little bit deeper?


50th Skipper Brunette (release date: Aug 1st, 2014)  $39.95


so the Blonde was “popuplar”, Mattel felt the need to make a Brunette. is she going to be popular, too? not really. there are plenty other choices to make a repro.

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reintroducing my Travel Doll

Posted by helen on July 16, 2014

my Travel Doll has not traveled for a long time,  she got so bord & ended up stealing flowers from my neighbor’s backyard last week!!

before she prepares for her next trip,  I’d like to repost some  photos from Archive to remember the fun we had….

2009 Convention:

2012 Convention

White Night



2011 Convention Florida


“Spring Couture” Barbie Day April,  2012

Spring Stroll


Festival of Art in our Neighborhood

Street Fair:

Getting around NYC by buses & subways..

Metro Museum of Art

Making Friends at 2014 Convention:

Mardi Gras

Adopted a new sister at 2014 convention

With my table Mates’ travel dolls at 2014 Convention:

although she has been to 5 conventions, she never attended the “Travel doll Soiree”. how did we miss it?  I couldn’t remember. probably because the party took place in the morning and we overslept.

I am resetting her ponytail… she borrowed a dress from Silkstone dolls, which does not fit her… I will have to make her a new wardrobe for the new events…she has been neglected for so long.

Anyway, if you see her somewhere: on the street, at the convention, on an airplane, in a corner of a Dept. Store, feel free to say HI.  she is very friendly & talkative!



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Christmas in July, Stock up Joy!

Posted by helen on July 16, 2014

Mattel shop is offering 20% off site wide, plus free shipping on orders of $35 or more.


you may be interested in  Barbie “Red Carpet” Dolls, Silkstone Dulcissima, Silkstone Principessa, Gone with the wind,  Divergent,  Yellleader Ken, Happy Holidays 2014…

I have not posted any sales for quite long time, why? b/c there are “die-hard Barbie Fans” who HATE bargainer.. This is a Post from the Barbie Fan Club, accusing shoppers like me who like to buy dolls at discounted prices of ruining the future of the Barbie Collector Line.

no one has told this “commentator” that most people on this planet do NOT buy a single Barbie in their entire lives. so, you’d better appreciate someone still buys when its discounted. lol Mattel runs a business, not a charity, it has to stand the test of the Market.


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Back to Basics –Barbie Look “Red Carpet”

Posted by helen on July 12, 2014

All the dolls are from Shop.Mattel.com, when it offered discount & free shipping last Month.

Model No. 5 Lea Grey & Black Gown

Model No. 14 Louboutin

Model No. 1 Mackie Blue Gown

I dont have Model #7 Derby (Aphrodite), If I am able to sell 3 old dolls, I will welcome her home. but not now. :)

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Happy 4th!

Posted by helen on July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July from my dolls to yours!


She is the new  Barbie Red Carpet Look “Lea” doll

The other exciting events today
FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals:
Germany Vs France
Brazil Vs Colombia

Sorry US team did not make it to the Quarter Finals. but the American Goalie  Tim Howard was sepectacular!

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Posted by helen on June 26, 2014

A new Scarlett doll –Shame Dress

In Mattel’s promo photos, she has 2 straight arms, but the production doll has 2 bent arms, I do not like that.

Her dress is so simple and  in lack of details, I pressed on some “self-adhesive rhinestones”

Except for the color, the dress is nothing like the original Movie costumes, its not a “collectible” replica,  Mattel decided,  at $34.99, that’s all you deserve.

2. BBQ Dress
I purchased BBQ Scarlett doll at 2009 Barbie Convention and deboxed her in my hotel room, sadly, she had “Sticky Sweaty” legs, so I tossed her body and placed her head on a “Model Muse” body. her dress is made of 100% cotton and it comes with white cotton bloomers and a tulle petticoat,  the quality is better than today’s Mattel-standard doll dresses. the doll’s  face is also very pretty,  her head is smaller than the new Scarlett’s.

3. drapery Dress
This doll was purchased from eBay before I headed to 2009 Convention, I was too busy to debox her.  After I found the BBQ Scarlett had sticky legs, I presumed this doll would be the same. so I sent her back to eBay, let NRFBers have her,  they dont debox, it wouldnt matter to them.

4. White Pray Dress
well, this is not Mattel’s version, but my “labor of love”, the dress  cost me 15 yard white lace (1/2″ width), 1 yard (44″ width) Cotton Voile and… Hours & Hours of work! I should have not spent so much time to make it, it was not cost-effective, not fun, either

The doll is a repainted “Shame Dress doll”.

It has a  hoop petticoat underneath to make the skirt look fuller

why did I feel the need to make one of my own? as Mattel’s version looks like “Birthay Wishes” doll it made in 2005. doesnt it?

and the first layer of the ruffles at back of the dress are not connected… instead of 8 layers, it only has 6 layers of ruffles

The skirt does not have enough drapes and volumes like the original movie costumes


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Black & White

Posted by helen on June 20, 2014

Barbie & I are both FIFA World Cup Fans.

Barbie Joined “the American Outlaws” club and is flying down to Brazil to cheer on the USA. “One nation, One team, we will win!”

“Barbie loves Jacques Fath” –the set  is finally finished
Barbie loves Jacques Fath

Classic Polka dots

Dalmatian Dots –hope someday I’d have a Dalmatian Dog.

Single Shoulder Grecian Dress–the cocktail party continues…

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The simplicity

Posted by helen on June 10, 2014

How do you like when Barbie wears something Plain & simple?

Here is one of my “unfinished” projects (unhemmed sleeves, etc)

I started when I saw this photo. it looks pretty interesting on the Model,  but it looks so plain on Barbie, nothing special since she cant pose like the Model (I guess she is Geneviève,  wife of  Jacque Fath) to show off the accordion pleated sleeves…


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Fan Bing Bing doll $39.99

Posted by helen on June 2, 2014

At $88,  she didnt sell well in China.  now she is available in US market for $39.99.


if you want her, its time for you to grab her ASAP.  at $39.99, you have nothing to complain about.



someone asked “what kind of fabric is it”? A collector from China answered “the kind  fabric they use to make umbrellas” –lol   So I guess its Nylon. perhaps “waterproof”?

well, if she doesnt sell well, you will not see the follow-ups like these:


I think this look of hers is very Barbie and  absolutely beautiful:

Watch her as a runway model:


Photo Credit: CCTV.cn

Here she is, unveiling the Barbie doll with Robert Best.

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