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The Great Goddess –they are playful

Posted by helen on September 6, 2014

Wanna play? they are playline dolls!

Fashion Fever Gillian


Fashion Fever Moscow (Please pardon our appearance,  the picture is blurry as she is still in her tube)

Can you believe it? I have not made this doll a  Lady Gaga with her dramatic  Lobster headpiece ?!

Who can really Dance?  Princess  Edeline!

Mod Redux (she is considered as “collectible”, but she is a “playline” to me anyway.  she is wearing a Fashion Fever skirt that is FAO exclusive,  a rare Skirt with Butterfly Prints that cost 5 times more than a regular fashion fever skirt  back in 2007)


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On the Red Carpet with Joan

Posted by helen on September 6, 2014

Before I go on my week with “Goddess”, Barbie wants to  pay a tribute to Ms Joan Rivers.

We have enjoyed her jokes & her most scathing red carpet fashion criticisms… The Red Carpet season is never going to be the same without Joan. :(

I think she loved black/white striped ensemble, the colors are as bold as she was.

she wore it for her pop shot in 70s or 80s, and she wore it again in 2012 for her red carpet appearance.  I  adopted the earlier version for Barbie.

I made comments on  facebook:

 If Joan Rivers were the Chief of the Fashion Police Dept. on BFC Forum, she’d never made it to 81. she’d be bashed to death as soon as she opened her mouth. Some people would do everything and anything to shut her up, such as pulling the dear departed mother out of the grave, calling the ex costume designer husband back from the past, pulling out the 35-year resume out of the dusty draw… whoever, whatever helps to win the argument and teach Joan “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing” or “go to find another hobby, you A**hole!”

rolling eyes

RIP, Joan!

PS: The Working Model is “Barbie Loves Sinatra”.  I gave her a haircut since her hair is already ruined by wax glue inside her head.

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The Great Goddess —Fairytopia Enchantress

Posted by helen on September 5, 2014

No, she is not a modern urban girl

She comes from Afar, A dreamland we have never been to:


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The Great Goddess– Mann’s Chinese Theatre

Posted by helen on September 5, 2014

This doll really palyed “hard to get”, I spent quite some time combing through eBay, I still remember how excited I was when I finally got her!

Sorry,  I didnt like her gown, so I sold it.  I never made her a new gown.  she has nothing pretty to wear at this moment, but her sweet  face is all I want to show:

chinese mann's theatre

chinese mann's theatre

chinese mann's theatre

chinese mann's theatre

B(e) Cool! She likes Funny t-shirt, too.  lol

chinese mann's theatre

chinese mann's theatre

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The Great Goddess–Karl Who?

Posted by helen on September 4, 2014

You see, this is supposed to be a Week of  my Goddesses. but this mad women  came out of the blue & tried to steal the show.

Karl who?  the Goddess doesnt give a damn! lol

But someone managed to get  her this skirt with  the “iconic head prints” of karl who’s.   she then said  her own head silhourette is  so much prettier,  okay, I’ll have to work on that.

The Goddess isnt afraid of taking  off the dark glasses  to show you the pretty face behind:


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The Great Goddess –Diwali

Posted by helen on September 2, 2014

Diwali is one of the World of Festival dolls that its price often goes up high on eBay (its original retail price was $19.99)

But Diwali doll has kanekalon hair,  I hate Kanekalon hair, its fuzzy & coarse.  so my Diwali has new saran hair, soft and colorful, she is a keeper!

I love Goddess Face as much as I love Lea/Kayla face. I cant tell which I love more.  I have lots Goddess faced dolls.


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The Great Goddesses..

Posted by helen on September 1, 2014

if you watch classic Movies on Youtube,  you would often read comments such as “they no longer make movies like this anymore”…

I am going to say: “they no longer make dolls like these anymore…”

Here begins my week with my  “Goddess” Collection:

Goddess of Wisdom & Beauty

Goddess of Spring


I think I’ll just  cast these two  to play “Goddess of Peace” & “Goddess of Hope”.

Goddess of Hope holds a Pomegranate flower

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I didn’t know that, how Dolls are made

Posted by helen on August 29, 2014

Since I started collecting Barbie, I have always wanted to visit a doll factory to see how the dolls are made, but I never got a chance.

I just watched this Video on YouTube, now my curiosity is satisfied, I have been to YiWu city for many times,  one time I even toured with a URBFC travel doll … the city has the largest wholesale market in the world.  but I never knew there is a doll factory in the city.

I am sure Barbie’s production procedure is the same.

I have always wondered how the facial screening was done, people told me it was stenciled. now I see:

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Little sisters have more fun

Posted by helen on August 27, 2014

This little sister is really 50 years old. she is “vintage”,  lip colors were faded, lots hair were lost… but she is new & having fun again:

I have no idea who she was, it doesnt matter to me anyway.

this sister is also “vintage”, she was “Sun Tan” Skipper:

This is my new purchase, I wasnt going to buy her, but a”$25 off $100″ coupon got me. so she came home.

I did not like her Kanekalon hair,  hair-transplant was very  necessary.

she now has a full head of Saran hair:

Isn’t  she  the cutest girl in town?!

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who is the Venetian muse

Posted by helen on August 25, 2014

Whoever she is, you can have Mine…


Barbie as “Venetian Muse”:

Honestly, “Masquerade Gala” from 2000 was more like ‘Carnival of Venice”, this “Venetian Muse” is just another Halloween Witch.

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