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Fashion Fever


Fashion Fever Barbies

–“Water Under the bridge” Dolls

I started my Barbie Collecting with “Fashion Fever”, I truly loved them, the Fever was running high.  but the Passhion & Happiness were shortly lived,  when Mattel replaced “Fashion Fever” with “Fashionista” in 2007,  my interests in playline dolls  shifted to “Barbie Collector” Dolls. “Fashion Fever” is now a part of  sweet memories.

Wave A

Wave B

Wave  C

Wave F

Wave K

Wave L

Wave N

Wave R

Wave S

Wave T

Barbie Loves Benetton

Makeup chic

Style for Two


10 Responses to “Fashion Fever”

  1. dollsaga said

    I am working on pictures of Wave T, V, W, etc. hope to make a complete quick guide.

  2. Thanks for the high quality images!!!

  3. Tiffany said

    It was wonderful to see all these FF pretties lined up…reminds me of how many I have of them, still in their tubes, packed away in my storage room! (Along with many boxes full of Fashion Avenues..) I always felt the Fashion Fever series was an entirely adequate replacement for the Fashion Avenue series–although I was quite sad when the FA series ended. The FF series had delighful fashions that were nicely accessorized, like FA’s…and you got a doll! Now that they’ve been replaced with Fashionistas, I’m buying them…but mostly for their articulated bodies (for my favorite doll heads) and their fabulous shoes! :o) Their fashions are just so-so, and I truly hate the *front-only* dresses and tops I’m seeing so much of…the fashion sets are full of half-clothes! Very cheap. :o(

  4. torimonet said

    I love these dolls. So sad that they are discontinued

  5. sandra said

    Oh wow, this is great! Can’t wait to see the other waves all together! Still have a soft spot for the FF gang! LOL!

  6. Timothy said

    Your collections?

    • dollsaga said

      Once upon a time, My collections were much larger than this, I purchased so many duplicates. Now I no longer collect them, so I sold most of them, still have quite a lot.

  7. Timothy said

    Fashion fever do not have articulated body like fashionista

  8. Bella said

    I have about 209 Barbie dolls in my toy boxes.

  9. Jane said

    very nice barbies :)

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