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Weekend Projects: Little Black Dresses

Posted by helen on October 12, 2014

I dont remember how many black dresses I have made for Barbie,  here comes another two:

The construction of this dress is simple, but the ultra thin sheer fabric is a great pain to sew,  also, it took quite some time to sew on the Red  Sequis & Beads.

Halloween isnt so far away!  Dolls need witch hats and broomsticks….

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Back to Basics–Barbie Look Magenta Gown

Posted by helen on October 10, 2014

she is probably the least popular doll in the group. The color of her dress is bright,  her face is so plain, these false eyelashes are ridiculous.

Here is a replica of the Dress in Pumpkin color,  Lea pulls it off beautifully:

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Fall Festival

Posted by helen on September 28, 2014

Thanks to our  Chamber of Commerce, there are always fun events in the neighborhood. Today “Fall Festival” took place. Barbie & Ken Joined us…

The Couple received  a lot of compliments. “she is chic, he is gorgeous…”  My neighbors are very Fashionable & knowledgeable,  “Is he Karl Lagerfeld?” 2 laidies asked.  they got it right!

I purchased the “choupette” miniature Cat at last year’s street fair,  I was trying to find another today. but I didnt have the luck! then,  I felt someone was calling me from behind “hello, hello”, I turned back,  a lady ran to me, she wanted to take a close look at my dolls. she  is also a Barbie Collector and told me how her coworkers threw her a “Barbie themed” Birthday Party, she was happy like a little child! lol   –I have said many times that Travel dolls are “conversation starters”.  Whenever I bring my dolls with me, someone will strike up a conversation. The Last time when I was at Farley Post Office , a police offier saw my doll and said “My sister is a Barbie Collector”.

okay, some photos:

Barbie & Ken Leaving their “Dreamhouse” for the Fall Festival

Believe or not, this Ken doll can stand alone without a  stand, you just need to balance him a little bit. of course, make sure he wears flat shoes.

Ken had a bad hair day, the wind blew up his hair like crazy.

our neighborhood is very peaceful, although its quite populated.

Lots people on the street, you are never alone.

once I traveled to a small city and walked alone on a street in its downtown area,   I walked down about 10 blocks and didnt see a single soul on the street, I got  nervous, it was very unusual for me.  I am so used to seeing big crowds around me.

Barbie probably loves Crowds, Ken maybe hates them.  just  look the expressions on his face:

Shopping for SunGlasses

New York & Company (I have some cheap shirts bear its label)

Barbie probably wont buy a dress from Street Vendors. but we never know:

Barbie: “Check out Sephora?”

Ken:  “No!”

“Come on, just one quick look!”

“Ann Taylor loft” –it used to be a Disney Store,  but its gone,  thanks that Ann taylor Moved in. I do not like to see more “Space for Rent” signs.

I like Ann Taylor

Time to go home:

Home Again







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Weekend Project: Ken Lagerfeld

Posted by helen on September 28, 2014

They are Ken & Choupette Lagerfeld.
Choupette (the Cat) will have its own collection “Monster Choupette Capsule Collection”, coming to you in Nov, 2014.

Ken, in my opinion, is better-looking than  Uncle Karl Lagerfeld, –wish Barbie agrees.

It’s a unfinished project, I probably will never be able to finish it. His hair is only rerooted around the hairine, I can no longer find patience to go on,  the ite is too short,  not long enough to tie a pretty knot,   the shirt has no sleeves,  (absolutely need install them),  he also needs a pair of socks…. these are just too much for me right now

he is just good enough to have a few photos taken.  we hope Barbie is impressed .oh, well, it always takes more work than I think to create the whole look. .



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Barbie’s new Fashion Statemenet –Part II

Posted by helen on September 24, 2014

Actually, its NOT Barbie’s but Dolly Parton’s:

“It Costs a lot of money to look this cheap”

I say “It takes a lot of work to make the cheap look” :)

The doll “Barbie and the Rockers” was a gift from Mattel to 2010 Barbie convention Attendees. she was NOT a sellable doll, $10 on Barbie collectors website.  but  now I see my chance to sell her on eBay.  batting eyelashes


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First Day of Autumn

Posted by helen on September 23, 2014

Little Skipper went on a field trip today to welcome the arrival of a golden Season.


Throwback Tuesday:


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DIY –T Shirt Pattern For Barbie

Posted by helen on September 22, 2014

Many of my friends loved the pictures of the t-shirts I posted yesterday.

here is the pattern I offer you to try it yourself. you will need to adjust the sizes based on the types of materials you use. cotton Jersey is recommended.

it fits both Silkstone & Model Muse Barbies.

To make the things look more interesting, I even designed the head logo prints for you. lol

Please do NOT re-sell it for profitable purpose.  (Here is a ridiculous but true story: a fellow blogger offered her visitors a free dress pattern, a week later the pattern showed up for sale on UK eBay, that’s immoral,  isn’t it?)

if you have an old t-shirt you no longer wear it, you can cut it off and make some t-shirts for Barbie.

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Barbie’s New Fashion Statement

Posted by helen on September 21, 2014

I’ m so cool, I am not even a Blonde.

I save a dime if I don’t give a damn

Our   “Fashion Talk” will continue,   please stay tuned. lol

Have a great week ahead, everybody!

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It takes a lot of money to look this cheap

Posted by helen on September 19, 2014

“I’m reminded of Dolly Parton’s immortal quote. It takes a lot of money to look this cheap. I don’t think even Dolly would wear wigs this awful. But RuPaul’s Drag Race? this is your collection.”


its NOT my opinion,  but the readers of Fabulous & Opinionated Tom & Lorenzo have spoken:



its Barbie’s hobby to copy top designers,  its  designers’  job to create. if a designer feels the need to copy Barbie, he is doomed to be a failure.


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Weedend Eye Candies –Reem Acra Bride

Posted by helen on September 19, 2014

This doll was sold for $178 at Times Square Toys R Us.  She is one of the finest among Barbie Bridal dolls.

Click here to see the  old photos from my Flickr Albums

she is a dream bride!

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